Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Oh, please:
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice looked to downplay speculation that she could be inching up Mitt Romney's short list for vice president after her widely regarded policy briefing last weekend at a meeting of his top donors.

"I didn't run for student council president. I don't see myself in any way in elective office," Rice told "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday....

When "CBS This Morning" host Charlie Rose pressed Rice, noting she hadn't technically said she wouldn't accept the offer to be vice president, the former secretary of state was more definitive.

"It's not going to happen -- and no," she said....
Charlie Rose is being a useful idiot. So is everyone who reports this without noting that the scenario is preposterous.

It used to be that every time a new Republican won the presidential nomination, the pro-choice Tom Ridge, from the delegate-rich state of Pennsylvania, was mentioned as a possible running mate. It happened in 2000. It happened in 2008. Funny thing -- Ridge never got the #2 slot. Nor, famously, did the pro-choice Joe Lieberman in '08, even though John McCain really wanted to run with him.

And that was before the 2010 GOP/Tea Party takeover of many statehouses and state legislatures, which led to this:

Condi Rice as running mate? In the GOP? In 2012? Even though she says she's just "mildly pro-choice"? Are you crazy?

No, you're not crazy. You're just being spun. You're being spun the way you're being spun when Campbell Brown writes GOP-propaganda op-eds for The New York Times on women's issues. You're being spun the way you're spun by every public appearance of Ann Romney. You're being told that Mitt Romney is a really awesome candidate for women to vote for. And that's all you're being told. (And, yes, he respects a black woman. That too.)

I'm not even going to get to the rumors about Rice's sexual orientation. The abortion issue is a 100% disqualifier before we even get there. Everyone in the elite media knows that. And yet Charlie Rose and others play along, happy to be spun.

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Victor said...

But, but... Rice plays piano even better than Truman - surely THAT should count for something!

As for the MSM, being "useful idiots" gets them great spots on campaign planes, and invitations to the best Village dinner and cocktail parties.
And also on TV!

BH said...

I hope the lumpenright hangs a DeMint or, even better, an Inhofe around Mitty's neck as his VP albatross... but I'll probably be disappointed. Pawlenty's impression of a TPartier may be polished enough to fool them. In any event, no, Condi ain't gonna be it, I don't think. Sort of a shame; I'd looked forward to hearing about WMD's again.

Nothstine said...

Also too, since the main function of Veeps is to attend the funerals of foreign heads of state, Mitt really can't very well have a VP who dares not leave the US.