Friday, March 02, 2012


Yesterday there were reports of a bomb scare at Rush Limbaugh's house in Palm Beach, Florida. I suspected fakery -- an attempt to change the subject now that his vile remarks about Sandra Fluke have been widely disseminated -- but I guess Limbaugh really did receive an unsettling package. But as it turned out, it came from an ideological soul mate:

A package sent to Rush Limbaugh's home that prompted a call to the bomb squad was nothing more than "a business opportunity," WPBF 25 News' Ari Hait reported Thursday night....

The package came from Pennsylvania, and investigators there already have interviewed the man who sent it, Hait reported. The man, whose identity was not released, said it was just a business opportunity and that he was sorry for causing the alarm.

Police said inside the package was an electronic plaque that had something to do with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln....

More specifically:

The package contained an electronic plaque commemorating the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth, authorities said.

"Commemorating" Lincoln's assassination? Oh, that's just swell -- a moment that's considered a high-water mark of heroism by neo-Confederate racist throwbacks (including a fair number of teabaggers) is commemorated in a plaque that's sent by its designer to Mr. "Barack the Magic Negro" himself.

Yes, yes, I know -- responsible right-wingers will say, "How dare you lump Rush Limbaugh in with neo-Confederates and other racists! We reject those people! So does Rush Limbaugh! Calling him racist is a liberal canard!"

But if that's true, somebody needs to explain it to our plaque designer:

"Something about selling this product. Apparently it was a sample sent, according to the sender, to Mr. Limbaugh saying 'Here's an opportunity and maybe we can market something like this,'" [Palm Beach Police Department spokesperson Fred] Hess said.

Where would a racist get the idea that Rush Limbaugh thinks along neo-Confederate lines? Why, I can't possibly imagine.

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