Saturday, March 31, 2012


Seen at the Drudge Report as of about 10:00 A.M.:

Marauding Negroes and international Jew bankers! Run for your lives! Anyone got a more plausible way to interpret the juxtaposition of that last story with the others?

This, of course, is under this main story:

And in the middle column, is Drudge expecting his readers to see the following and feel frightened -- or heartened?

They're anti-Islamic! Enemy of my enemy and all that, right?


The alarmist material at Drudge isn't all about ethnicity, of course, at least not directly. Yesterday there was this:

Surely this must be the evil Obama administration's preparation for martial law in its second term -- right? And indeed, the linked story tells us that a defense contractor called ATK has contracted with the Department of Homeland Security to deliver up to 450 million bullets in the next five years.

How this differs from ATK's contract to provide ammo to DHS in 2003, or in 2007, when we didn't have a scary fascist Negro in the White House, I'm not sure. But Drudge isn't going to mention those previous contracts, because Goal #1 is to keep the readers angry, paranoid, and stupid. This is what

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