Tuesday, March 27, 2012


An inaccurate story from Mediaite:

A group of North Miami Beach Senior High School students participating in a walk-out demonstration in support of Trayvon Martin were caught ransacking a local Walgreens store.

Er, no, they weren't -- not if by "caught" you mean "caught on tape."

Surveillance footage shows the teens (somewhere between 80 and 100, according to police) running through the store and ransacking shelves, causing an estimated $150 in damages.

No, the surveillance footage doesn't show the teens ransacking shelves. It shows them running. And running. And running some more. Where's the ransacking?

Oh, and you've got maybe 100 kids and they did $150 worth of damage? If so, that's not right, obviously -- but shouldn't this many kids be able to do a hell of a lot more damage than that?

This story says,

According to North Miami Beach Police, between 400 to 500 students from North Miami Beach Senior High School took part in a student protest Friday, March 23rd when as many as 100 of those students swarmed the Walgreens around 10:40 a.m.

Surveillance video released by police Tuesday showed the students flooding through the front doors of the business.

The school Assistant Principal is also seen in the video trying to stop the students from continuing to flood into the store and telling the ones inside to get out.

Some of the students ransacked shelving displays and broke some merchandise, valued at approximately $150, according to North Miami Beach police.

Police and Walgreens have yet to determine if any store items may have been stolen.

So, let's sum up. Most of the 400 to 500 kids were peaceful. Some kids ran into the store and then ran out when an assistant principal urged them to do so -- and the shots of kids running out come about thirty seconds after the shots of kids running in, according the video's clock. Most of the kids are seen not vandalizing anything, even though it's within their power to engage in some serious mayhem. Some merchandise and displays were damaged, which could have been the work of a couple of the kids rather than the vast majority who are seen not vandalizing anything.

And yet this shows up at Drudge, naturally, as an example of why Scary Black Youths are inordinately more scary than, y'know, hyper young people of any race who, in the manner of young people, sometimes display a diminished sense of personal responsibility.

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repsac3 said...

I got a whole children's book vibe from this video... Don't ask me why...

See kids run.
Run kids, run.

Kids run in.
In kids, in.

Kids run out.
Out kids, out.

Kids in.
Kids out.
Kids all about.

Extra credit:
"Do you like my new hat?"
"I do not like that hat."