Wednesday, March 14, 2012


From the complete results of the new Fox News poll (click to enlarge):

The folks at Fox and other right-wingers are trying to sell the notion that President Obama is happy about higher gas prices, but only 31% of the country believes this; 50% don't. (However, 51% of Republicans believe he's happy.)

Elsewhere in the poll, Obama's favorable/unfavorable is 50%/47%, and the Democratic Party is at 48%/44%, but Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul, the GOP, and the tea party are all underwater, and are all below 40% favorable.

Oh, and 58% of the country thinks the economy is turning around. And Obama beats all the GOP candidates, all except Romney by double digits. (I keep telling you that Fox polls are honest, which you can tell because they so often contradict Fox's propaganda.)

This concerns me, however (again, click to enlarge):

Romney gets thumbs-up on qualifications to run the economy and to be commander in chief. On the economy he's at 50% qualified (very + somewhat) among Democrats, and at 72% among independents. On CinC, he's at 41% among Democrats, 63% among independents. Watch out for this. Even though Obama's beating him in this poll, the electorate finds Romney way too credible for my taste.


Danp said...

"Qualified" is a murky term in politics. Obama and Palin were considered unqualified because of their resumes. Romney was a CEO and Governor. I suspect may people find those sufficient qualifications regardless of temperament, message, campaign failures or values.

Tom Hilton said...

Again, I would note that for people who aren't political junkies Romney is more or less in the position of Generic Republican. ("Somewhat" qualified is a pretty non-committal answer, and that's the response on Romney.) I don't think we'll have reliable polling data on him until he's actually the nominee and normal people start to focus on the race.