Friday, March 23, 2012


Fox Nation and chose today to plug a book by an African-American right-winger titled Blacklash: How Obama and the Left Are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation.

The excerpt at isn't about race -- it's eleven paragraphs of the same boilerplate talking points you've heard a thousand times about how "Obamacare" is a freedom-destroying, innovation-stifling, pocket-picking abomination. But this leads to the following paragraph:

That's what I mean when I say Obama is ensuring we will always be slaves on the government plantation. We need to break these chains. We need to send those overseers packing. We need to become masters in our own homes and control our own destinies. We need to be responsible for buying our own health insurance and take responsibility for our lifestyle choices. And most of all, we need to recognize that the care in ObamaCare is an illusion, just like the rest of the progressive agenda.

Yes, folks: this...

... is exactly like the individual mandate.

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proverbialleadballoon said...

that's stupid. a black woman wrote that? what's wrong with her?