Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Little Green Footballs has been compiling Fox News commenters' reactions to recent news stories. You may have seen posts such as "Fox News Commenters React to Trayvon Martin: 'Good Shot Zimmy'" and "Fox News Commenters React to Afghan Killings: 'A Dead Muslim Is a Good Muslim.'"

So what's on the Fox News site right now? Well, there's this:

Georgia parents upset over new case of math homework referencing slavery

JONESBORO, Ga. – Just months after children at a Georgia school were given a math homework assignment that referenced slavery, a similar incident has occurred at another school in the state.

Christopher Jackson said his nine-year-old son's homework assignment from a class at James A. Jackson Elementary School in Jonesboro, Ga., 12 miles south of Atlanta, contained an extra-credit question that read, "A plantation owner had 100 slaves. If three-fifths of them are counted for representation, how many slaves will be counted?"

In January, some parents became upset over a third-grade math assignment at Beaver Ridge Elementary School, in Norcross, Ga., just north of Atlanta, that contained multiple references to slavery. A teacher later resigned over the controversy and the story received nationwide attention.

"I was just shocked because y'all did a story on this before and I thought they took it out of the schools," said Jackson....


So how have the fine commenters at Fox News responded to this story?

If Jamal gets 1000$ a month for welfare, and smokes 50$ worth of rock a day, how many days can he smoke rock before he has to start stealing again?

They gots to have dat math tho....they will have to know whether whitey is cheating them out of any of their welfare money.

The school system should get up to speed and modernize the questions. How about:
If Shaniquia have 3 childrens by her boyfriend, another by her uncle, and two by her BFF's man, how much welfare can she collect for them.

If obummer promises more welfare to 100 nlggers if they vote for him how many will actually show up at the voting booth and vote.

True as actual Africans by and large have a work ethic unlike our home grown lazy folks.

They love to perpetuate the Plantation Mentality - instead of striving to do better - despite all the breaks they have been given over the last 100 years. "Please, Massa - don't beats me no more". "You gots to take care of me".

Click "like" if you support repatriation - give them all $100 and send them all back to Africa. Should have been done 100+ years ago.

It failed under Jefferson, and WILL NOT work today as Liberia does not provide welfare checks.

How is this an incident?? bks need to get over it!!!! and go to work !!!!! i am sick and tired of the rase card and the sla very thing its old and lets not forget that the caucasians were the first sla ves... how can bks just erase history or want to!! 80% of bks want reporations just so thier lazy buts dont have to work!!! statistically there are more whts on well fair than bks however the portion of the bk rase that is on well fair is much greater because they feel they deserve somthing for free!!

I think the only sl aves in this country are people like me who believe in working for what you get. Will we ever be free of the freeloaders in this country?

If the Neighborhood Watch captain had a 12 round clip and shot 1 round at a thug, how many bullet holes does the thug have?

Not enough...!!!

OK, Shawana", if you had 100 crackers left in a box and you ate all of them, how many crackers did you eat Shawana?.... Duhhhh, I's don't know!!!

Yeah right', and I suppose you would rather rob your own liquor store too.........

Americans have spent billions on education and welfare trying to bring africans up to human standards. The result: a race of drug dealers and delinquents. Why not bring back slavery? The bIacks would be housed and fed, as they are now at government expense. But at least SOME work could be got out of them. I think they would be happier too.

This 3/5 value was scientifically determined. Niggeroids have on average 3/5 the IQ of humans.

We all know they populate like rabbits so the number could change in a matter of hours so this might be a trick question.

a better math question would be....if chimps have 96% human DNA, and messicans have 98% human DNA, what percentage of human DNA do niggeroids have?

every teacher knows that to get kids interested in math you have to make it something they can relate to. if johnny had five apples....does NOT work. so you say, ...if jackson had five crack hoes and ..... or take ten niggeroids and mix them in a bath of acid....stuff like that

read some history
the REASON africans were imported was precisely because it was found IMPOSSIBLE to get indians of any tribe to be useful workers. you could beat them, k1ll them....they would not work. that's why the niggeroids are so proud that there is at least one race to which they are superior

This is what happens when you introduce non-native species to America!


If a white woman attempted to walk down a street, and 5 recently-freed slaves were standing on the corner. Exactly how far would the woman walk before being molested?

If you had five apples and a slave stole three, how many slaves would you punish ?

If somebody took one Obungo and cut him up into thirds. How many pieces of Obungo would we have?

It would cause great difficulty for quite some time. BUT, in the long run if every blac person were to simply vanish into thin air, would our schools be better? Would our neighborhoods be safer? Would crime lessen? Would there be less of a drain on health care costs? There are a100 questions like these questions that would or could be answered yes and the world would be a better place.

I've got nothing to add to this. I think it speaks for itself.

I guess you can do this with any story at that involves a non-white person.


Ten Bears said...

And you wonder why I have a bad attitude about white dogs.

Raenelle said...

The Trayvon Martin case in general and the r-w reactions to it make my stomach turn--literally. Is half the country sociopathic?

M. Bouffant said...

Is half the country sociopathic?

Statistics indicate only 27% are, but they make enough horrible noise you'd think they were over 50% of he population.

BH said...

Roughly 1/3 of it anyway, & IMO that's been a constant minimum since at least 1776 - maybe a constant minimum in any human society, for all I know. The diff is that thanks (?) to 'Net commenting, now we can actually see, in mass numbers, the so-called thoughts of the mob.

Erik A. Prince said...

Reading online comments is a great cure for happiness and optimism.