Monday, March 19, 2012


This is at Fox Nation right now:

It refers back to a post at the site of the Republican Jewish Coalition:

RJC Denounces Axelrod's "Mittzkrieg" Comment, Calls On Democrats to Do the Same

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) issued a statement today in response to a tweet from President Barack Obama's chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod, that referred to a "Mittzkrieg" of campaign ads in Illinois.

"At a time when there is so much talk about the need for civility in political discourse, it is disturbing to see President Obama's top campaign advisor casually throw Nazi imagery around in reference to a Republican candidate for President. Holocaust and Nazi imagery are always inappropriate in the political arena. Axelrod should apologize for his offensive language.

"We call on Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, to publicly rebuke Axelrod for his language. We hope that the National Jewish Democratic Council will join us in denouncing Axelrod's comment, as they have frequently denounced Holocaust imagery in politics in the past."

Would you say it's a wee bit hypocritical that Fox Nation is retransmitting this complaint when the Fox News site posted this on March 1, 2010?

And if the Republican Jewish Coalition thinks it's "always inappropriate" to use words like "blitzkrieg," why did the RJC send this tweet last June, urging people to read an article with "Blitzkrieg" in the title from the site of a right-wing think tank?

And why does RJC blogger Eric Golub talk here about receiving "a blitzkrieg of emails" from fellow Republicans?

IOKIYAR, as usual.


UPDATE: More from ABC News:

National Jewish Democratic Council president and CEO David A. Harris said, "Jewish Republicans' protest to this supposed reference is too much, methinks. Their silence has been beyond deafening when actual, direct abusive Holocaust rhetoric has been invoked by key Republicans -- such as Rep. Allen West recently saying that infamous Nazi Joseph Goebbels would 'be very proud of the Democrat Party.' Their party is thick with it, from the top down. Nice try, but a real start would be addressing the widespread abusive Holocaust rhetoric that permeates the right -- disturbingly employed on a regular basis."



BH said...

Just exactly like Mr. Harris said, & said very well.

Roger said...

Scheiß, Scheiß Baby!

Erik A. Prince said...

Nazi = Fascist political party
Blitzkrieg = "war conducted with great speed and force"

While the German army under Hitler pioneered this doctrine of offensive war, it has no direct connection with the Nazi political party.