Monday, March 26, 2012


Yesterday, on ABC News, an African-American man was trotted out by George Zimmerman's spin team; the man says he's Zimmerman's friend and tells us that Zimmerman didn't say "coons" on the 911 tape, he said "goons."

... in fact, I spoke with my teenage daughter yesterday, and the word in question, I mean, it's the difference between a "c" and a "g," from what I understand, and "goon" is apparently a term of endearment in the high schools these days.

Well, I'm over at Urban Dictionary and I'm not seeing any definition for "goon" that suggests anything of the sort. Now, admittedly, the definitions are all a few years old. But Zimmerman is way too old to be hep to the latest lingo.

And there is this definition (and there's at least one other definition besides this one that's similar and that references Florida):

this word has many definitions, but in Florida & many hoods across tha country, a goon is a real nigga: ready 2 ride or die 4 his/hers, takes care of their fam, not scared of tha law or any other nigga, makin his/her own money legally or not, never snitches always follows tha street code.

The definition makes a reference to the 2007 song "Goons Lurkin" by the Florida rapper Plies (video here).

So if Zimmerman really did say "fucking goons," there's every reason to think he was calling Trayvon Martin a thug. Would it be so strange if, out of his obsession with real and imagined street criminals, he learned slang (if slightly dated slang) that refers to the people he fears/is obsessed with?


But I don't buy that, because, even though it's not 100% clear whether he utters a racial slur, it's quite clear that the first sound of the word in question is a "c" sound:

So this is ridiculous -- although I bet it's quite effective in creating reasonable doubt among potential Zimmerman jurors.


BH said...

I dunno, Steve. This is such a transparently lame spin attempt, I don't think it'll work at causing reasonable doubt - but what it could do is to provide an excuse to any juror who wanted to CLAIM that reasonable doubt exists. Not much of an excuse, but more than nothing.

Amy in Tacoma said...

I'm skeptical about this guy's words altogether. He's not really a friend of Zimmerman's; he's a friend of Zimmerman's mother-in-law. He says at one point that all this doesn't just affect Z but also others, and specifically mentions that the mother-in-law is upset because she can't see her daughter (since Zimmerman and his wife have gone into hiding). And he says that a lot of the information he shares was communicated to him by the MIL.

It sounds to me like his intent is to help his friend (the MIL) see her daughter again, so he's saying whatever he thinks he needs to say to do that.