Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Sarah Palin's newspaper choices, or lack thereof, were the subject of much discussion four years ago -- and now she's made clear that she really has never read the papers, or any electronic equivalent thereof, because she still thinks Mr. Two Months Ago, who's won a state bordering his and now his own state and that's it, can win the nomination:

Sarah Palin revealed late on Super Tuesday that she voted for Newt Gingrich in the Alaska caucuses.

After declining to reveal to a CNN reporter which 2012 candidate she voted for, Palin said in a later interview with a Fox News host that she had cast her ballot for "the cheerful one."

... "Who can best bust through that radical left's kind of dispensation and desire to mistreat those who are defenseless, mistreat those who perhaps have some disadvantages by making them more beholden to government? Who best can contrast themselves from that?" she [said]. "I thought who best could do that [and] my own personal opinion is, the cheerful one, is Newt Gingrich. I have appreciated what he has stood for, stood boldly for."

They're called polls, Sarah -- read a few. You wasted your vote. Any idiot who's actually following the race could have told you that.

That was from a Fox Business Channel interview. Earlier, on CNN, Palin confirmed that she still hasn't grasped Mitt Romney's inevitability:

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin did not shoot down the idea of accepting a proposal to run for president should the Republican presidential race lead to an open convention in August.

"Anything is possible. I don't close any doors that perhaps would be open out there, so, no, I wouldn't close that door," Palin said after casting her vote in Alaska's Republican caucuses. "My plan is to be at that convention."

Now, granted, it was idiotic of CNN's John King to ask her about this. He knows there isn't going to be a brokered convention either. He knew even before the polls closed last night that Romney was going to increase his delegate lead yesterday no matter what. We used to think that if you were a someone seriously discussed as a possible presidential candidate you'd inevitably know that kind of thing, too, but that's before Sarah Palin lowered the knowledge bar practically to the ground.

Regarding Palin's vote for Gingrich: I guess his appeal to her is understandable. She's a staggeringly inarticulate person (see the Gingrich quote above) who has nevertheless tried all her life to become a TV talking head, she's an uninformed person who lectures people on what she thinks they don't know -- so of course she would regard this semi-educated autodidact with a fifth-rate education, a former tenth-rate college professor, as a world-class Doctor of Thinkology. She has know idea what serious thought is; she thinks the stuff Gingrich says when he's in carnival-barker mode is serious. He's perfect for her.


UPDATE: Or maybe Palin's problem is that she actually is reading the papers -- here's a Jeff Zeleny story in The New York Times headlined "With No Knockout Punch, a Bruising Battle Plods On." Er, yeah, right -- Santorum proved he can win states that have more animals than people and Romney proves he can pick a populous state any time he chooses and neutralize Santorum's genuine appeal to the base with a gazillion dollars' worth of ads and a campaign organization that's actually professional. Repeat ad infinitum until Tampa and what do you get? Romney as the nominee. So stop trying to sell this narrative. It's over.


Danp said...

I love how Palin considers Gingrich, much like herself, as cheerful as they smile their way through quippy tirades against everything. Sort of like Cheerful Rage Against the Machine. How's that hopy changy thing working out for ya'?

debg said...

Steve M. and danp, you both made me bust out laughing. Thanks for that.

BH said...

Steve, I think you may have somewhat magnified The Newt's academic credentials; but, it's good to be generous. Palin actually is an excellent example of precisely the kind of voter for whom Gingrich has appeal, as is Newt's other formerly-prominent supporter Rick Perry. Both of 'em dumber than ducks**t.