Tuesday, March 27, 2012


If the whole health care law is struck down, what we'll get, as soon as Republicans completely take over the federal government, is the complete GOP wish list: tort "reform," loser pays, insurance across state lines (meaning one state in the union will be to health insurance what South Dakota is to credit cards, with the most lax regulation, and the majority of health insurance will eventually come from there)....

None of it will solve any of the problems, but the frog will be boiled slowly, so it will a gradual adjustment for Americans to the notion that health care is a problem that, gosh, simply can't be solved, kind of the way gun violence simply can't be solved (even though it actually could be if we had reasonable gun laws like every other civilized country on the planet). We'll just get used to less. Widespread health insurance will simply become a relic, like widespread defined-benefit pensions. If you had insurance for a while, you're grandkids will think you had it soft.

UPDATE: Steve Benen lays this out in more detail.

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