Monday, March 05, 2012


We're told at the newly redesigned that Andrew Breitbart's final story, published posthumously, is one that "should swing the first hammer against the glass wall the mainstream media has built around Barack Obama." In case you don't already know, here's the big scoop: fourteen years ago, Barack Obama participated in a panel discussion following a Chicago theater troupe's production of a play called The Love Song of Saul Alinsky -- a play so unbelievably radical that it was praised ("Portrait of Alinsky Hits Its Mark") by the Communist Party house organ in the Windy City -- no, wait, that was the headline for the review in the Chicago Tribune.

Oh, and it's such a huge, undiscovered scoop that ... um, well, here's part of a letter to The Roanoake Times published April 16, 2010, from one Lorraine Holub of Blacksburg, Virginia:

Our press has refused to tell us about President Obama's adherence to the teachings of community organizer and Marxist Saul Alinsky....

In 1998, Obama participated in a panel discussion devoted to the opening-night performance of the play "The Love Song of Saul Alinsky." ...

Andy! If you can hear me in Hell, I have bad news for you: You were scooped two years ago by some woman in Blacksburg, Virginia!

Oh, also scroll down in this World Net Daily article from last summer, and this one from March 2010, the latter of which was probably Ms. Holub's source. Both mention the play and the panel discussion; both were written by WND's Aaron Klein. So it's his scoop, I guess, if it's anyone's.

Nobody outside the crazy base cared in 2010. Nobody cares now, Dead Andy. Sorry.

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Kevin Hayden said...

However, Alinsky would be pissed at being called a 'Commie'. He was careful not to join any group, including those he organized (for the most part) so he could easily refute such drivel.