Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This is why Mitt Romney should stop trying to position himself as a middle-class bargain-shopper and why Newt Gingrich can grift all he wants: the spiritual leader of their party has spoken, and has been seconded by the official state news agency of the wingnut government-in-exile:

From the transcript at Limbaugh's site:

CALLER: ... you know how the press decries the growing gap between rich and poor? The truth is that when that gap grows, so does the economy as a whole and opportunity for the poor; and when it shrinks, it does so because the rich are getting poorer and that helps nobody....

RUSH: ... You're exactly right when the wage gap grows, the economy's growing. When it shrinks, the economy is shrinking. You're exactly right. But to say that, "Why, that sounds insensitive! Sounds like you're in favor of the rich getting richer, and everybody knows that that's not fair." That's how it works.

... What do you think has fed more mouths, greed or charity? Really, you think that? What do you think, folks? What do you think? What has fed more mouths? I don't care if you talk this country or the world.

Whatever subset of people you want to talk about, what has fed more people, greed or charity? ... That's right: Greed! Greed has fed more mouths than charity ever could. If you don't like the word "greed," use "self-interest." (interruption) See, Dawn's in there saying, "You shouldn't say 'greed.' It's just gonna make people think you have no heart, and people are gonna think that you're all for suffering. Don't say 'greed.'" Okay, self-interest, then. (interruption) "There, that's better." Okay. Self-interest versus charity. Self-interest will feed more mouths every time it's tried. It's not even close.

Fox Nation readers, asked to choose from several possible categorizations of this, tell us how they feel:

Yup, they find this "inspiring." (And a very merry Christmas to you, too.)

Are you paying attention to the belief system of the voters you crave, Mitt?


ploeg said...

Whereupon Rush leaves the studio, drives to the nearest WalMart, nuts the Salvation Army ringer in front of the store, takes the kettle, and blows the whole lot at Taco Bell. The end.

Gosh, that was inspiring.

c u n d gulag said...

This is of a kind with "Guns don't kill people. People kill people."

"Charity doesn't help the needy. Greed helps the needy."


If there was a Jesus, or a God of any sort, a bolt of lighting would have struck him and this fat POS blowhard fuck would have exploded in a firestorm that would have made The Hindenburg jealous.
He is, after all, bigger.

And I would have laughed.

But, instead, his listeners nod their heads in agreement, and will go to church on Sunday, and convince themselves that they are holier than the rest of us.
Yeah, holier - like in their heads.