Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yesterday, the right-o-sphere was obsessed with the notion that there was an Occupy Wall Street connection to the shooting at the White House, after this emerged:

The Secret Service searched Occupy D.C. on Monday for a man suspected of firing bullets at the White House on Friday, one of which was stopped by the building's ballistic glass.

Protestor Ralph Wittenberg told TPM on Tuesday evening that authorities came through "searching for a so-called terrorist who shot at the White House, with no warrant, they went into everybody's tents."

A person handling media requests for Occupy DC confirmed the searches and said they were led by the Secret Service....

Politico's Ben Smith wrote:

If confirmed, this will likely be a much, much bigger image problem than the reports of crime in Occupy encampments....

Well, not only is the arrested suspect not affiliated with Occupy (as authorities have confirmed, and as Smith has acknowledged in an update to the quoted post), he's clearly not right in the head:

A man who fired shots at the White House from an assault rifle on Nov. 11 was obsessed with President Barack Obama and the date 11/11/11, investigators and the man's father said.

U.S. Secret Service agents caught up with Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez in Pennsylvania on Wednesday after a four-day search....

"He hates the president, he hates Washington, he hates society," one official told The Washington Post.

The man's father, Jose, who lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho, told NBC's Telemundo Spanish News Network that his son was obsessed with the date 11/11/11. Ortega believed the world might end on that day, the father said....

A guy with a number fixation -- just like Jared Loughner, the gunman who shot Gabby Giffords.

I said from Day One that right-wing rhetoric in America wasn't responsible for what Loughner did. I stick with that, much as I loathe the right.

The same goes for this guy. And even if he had ever crashed at an Occupy encampment, it's not as if you need an Occupy encampment to find a temporary resting place in a big city if you're mentally ill, societally marginal, and bent on violence. So I don't even buy the "Occupy encampments make cities unsafe" argument in this case.


UPDATE: Via comments, I see that Ortega-Hernandez said Obama was the Antichrist and believes the president wants to put GPS tracking in all children. Oh, and Ortega-Hernandez is also obsessed with the year 2012 -- y'know, just like the rest of OWS.


jfxgillis said...


Suspected White House Shooter Met With Idaho Falls Computer Consultant

McCall agreed and the two met at Ortega-Hernandez’s parents’ restaurant, Puerto Vallarta, in Idaho Falls.

“He said ‘Well you know how all these children are missing and being kidnapped?’ and I said ‘Well I guess.’ And he goes, ‘Well you know the President is going to make an announcement that they’re going put GPS chips in all the children,” McCall detailed his conversation with Ortega-Hernandez. “‘Which is exactly the kind of thing the anti-christ would do.’ And I said, ‘well I don’t think Obama’s the antichrist.’”

Steve M. said...

Thank you for that.

c u n d gulag said...

We'll have to look out for Mayan assassins.

BH said...
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BH said...

Is it just me, or does O-H's rambling seem not too dissimilar from some of the gaudier Tea Potty rhetoric? Lots closer to that than to anything I've heard out of OWS.

Steve M. said...

I'm thinking it sounds like Alex Jones.