Thursday, November 17, 2011


I said this morning that Rick Perry had the potential to be the GOP base's next anti-Romney of the month -- but if this is possible in time for Iowa, he has to have a '78 Yankees-style stretch run. He has to be nearly flawless. He has to, in other words, not say self-sabotaging things like this:

Republican Rick Perry sought on Wednesday to boost his lagging presidential campaign by sounding a populist note in New Hampshire....

"While Main Street's been struggling, the cash has still been flowing to Wall Street financiers and Beltway profiteers," Perry said at a town hall meeting in Nashua....

No, Rick, no! Wall Street financiers aren't the problem! Capitalism is the solution! Don't you even understand the basics of the tea party/Rand belief system? What's wrong with you?

Or, rather, what's wrong with your advisers? I have two theories. Either this is Perry trying to sell old-fashioned anti-Yankee Southern populism to a population that's in love with capitalism (and doing it in New Hampshire, for Pete's sake) ... or it's Perry and his team falling for the thoroughly discredited centrist-pundit notion that teabaggers hate all powerful people, rather than just the ones in government.

Here, Rick, let some commenters at Fox Nation explain:

This statement appears to be another example of Perry's knack of shallow thinking. The banks are not the problem, they are symptoms. Lobbyist caused Administrative and Legislative interference has created too-big-to-fail monopolies out of competitive free markets, that is the problem.


What does he think is wrong with the banks.
Does he think they are making too much money?
Does he think Capitalism is bad?
Should the Free Market be not so free?


Well if Rick keeps talking this way what's next, him down at Zuccotti Park with OWS????


There would be a lot less large Banks if the Liberals had not Socialized them by handing them their own printing press, The Blame lies solely with Obama and his crew ,,,,,,,,,,,,,NEVER TOO BIG TO FAIL

Why do all these evil big-government socialists keep forcing banks to be corrupt against their will?


c u n d gulag said...

Sheesh, drunk AND clueless is not a winning combination - not even with Republicans.
What's next - raise taxes on the top 1%

My favorite, though, is that Perry's offered to debate Nancy Pelosi, because, you know, if you can't even beat Bachmann, disgraced former Speaker Gingrich, and the other 6 stooges, why not show your debating chops by taking on the former Speaker of the House?

Pelosi must have wet herself laughing.

BH said...

Ah, my Gov-for-Life comes through again. I swear, I don't believe all the carloads of money in the country can make up for his & his wizards' dimness. Ricky reminds me of what my old man used to say when especially exercised at me: "You're like a monkey - what you can't tear up, you s**t on."