Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Matt Drudge signals to his wingnut audience that Sharon Bialek belongs to a tribe of depraved, unnatural monsters:

She's from Chicago! Apparently that's all you have to say on the right. Obviously she's a sociopath! She's probably killed people!

I'm reminded of Jon Stewart's take last night on sourcing standards at Fox News: "The code of journalism is simply this: It's not OK to use an anonymous source -- unless it's about Rahm Emanuel." Well, you had to be there:


UPDATE: It appears from the Mahablog that "She's from Chicago!" is a meme.

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c u n d gulag said...

Can they at least stick to one city?

I mean, which is the worst one in their eyes?
New York City?
San Fransisco?

Or, is it mix and match, depending on the whine and bitch du jour?

And this poor, poor woman!
She's going to be 'Herminated' by the Malkins of the world, and their flying monkeys.