Monday, November 07, 2011


The research necessary to destroy the reputation of Herman Cain's first named accuser, Sharon Bialek, will take some time, obviously, so, in the meantime, Tucker Carlson et al. at the DC are trashing her by trashing her attorney (yeah, I know, it's Gloria Allred, but really now):

From nipple rings to Borat's etiquette coach: Gloria Allred's greatest hits

... Allred's long and impressive career has included representation of Scary Spice and various alleged Tiger Woods mistresses, and attacking the late Michael Jackson for child endangerment. Given the import of the moment, this seems like the right time for a roundup of some of her more important victories rooting out injustice in cases where most people didn’t even know it was there.

In 1995, Allred sued on behalf of a girl who was not permitted to join her brother's Boy Scout troop because -- well, because she was a girl, and it was the Boy Scouts....

When Atlanta Braves pitching coach Robert McDowell made profane remarks and simulated a sex act with a baseball bat in response to heckling from Giants fans, Justin Quinn filed a police report, angered that McDowell had behaved in that way in front of his daughters. Allred, appearing with Quinn, proceeded to repeat the offensive language and imitate the crude actions with a baseball bat … in front of Quinn’s daughters. Don’t worry, there’s video.

In 2006 the humorless Allred ...

Need I go on? Look, obviously Allred cranks up the drama. Obviously she seeks clients and cases that generate headlines and gossip. Obviously she makes herself look ridiculous sometimes.

But even Michelle Malkin -- who calls Allred "a despicable publicity-seeker" and "the Paris Hilton of Lawyers" -- is willing to give her credit for associating herself with one of Anthony Weiner's accusers. (That's a badge of honor on the right.) The DC somehow overlooks that case in its roundup of Allred's career.

My point is that Malkin, at least, is smart enough to be hedging her bets right now, whereas the Caller has apparently gone all in on Cain and will defend him to the bitter end. That's how bizarre and extreme the right has become -- Cain should be absurdly easy to throw under the bus, or at least to keep at arm's length, and yet an extraordinary number of righties won't, because everyone feels it's imperative to be wingnuttier-than-thou, and no one wants to be accused of being a RINO, even by casting doubt on an utterly unqualified embarrassment who's running for president and who may be a serial sexual predator. I don't get it.


AND SPEAKING OF GOING ALL IN ON CAIN: Speaking about her client, Allred said at the news conference, ""Mr. Cain ... decided to try to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package." Yeah, that's a bit much. But I'm puzzling over this tweet from Laura Ingraham (via Talking Points Memo:

Gloria Allred "stimulus pkg" ref 2 Cain is rife w/ racial overtone.

Er ... yeah ... right -- because if a black man is accused of sexual harassment, it's racist to say "stimulus package," because it implies that a black sexual harasser would be focused on his own genitals, whereas a white sexual harasser wouldn't use genitals, because all white guys are built like Ken dolls and have no genitals whatsoever. Or something like that.


c u n d gulag said...

Poor Herman/Herb Cain.

All he wanted after a long, 'hard' day at the office, was a 'quicker pecker-upper.'

But, hey, Libtards, if Bill Clinton can get away with it, why can't he?

As for that poor woman, Sharon Bialek - she knows not what she's done...
Malkin's flying monkey's are out on kitchen/bathroom patrol as we speak.
And God help her if she's got granite counter-tops, a microwave, or a HDTV.

Julia Grey said...

I love how they say that the press "let Clinton get away with it."