Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This is from Fox's Monica Crowley:

Obama Brain Freeze

Over the years, most effective conservatives have been subjected to withering and unfair criticism that they were dummies, that they lacked the intellectual gravitas of, say, an Al Gore, a John Kerry or a Barack Obama. Obama, in particular, was held up as an example of an extraordinarily brilliant and agile mind: smart, educated, contemplative, deliberative and elegant.

Well. To take just the most recent example of his less-than-superhuman mind, here's a quote from him today from his press conference in Australia:

"With respect to Europe, I'm deeply concerned, have been deeply concerned, I suspect we'll be deeply concerned tomorrow and next week and the week after that. Until we put in place a concrete plan and structure that sends a clear signal to the markets that Europe is standing behind the euro and will do what it takes, we're going to continue to see the kinds of turmoil that we saw in the markets today -- or was it yesterday? I'm trying to figure out what -- what time zone I'm in here."

... Classic brain freeze by supposedly the smartest guy around. But President Reagan, Vice President Dan Quayle, Governor Sarah Palin, Governor Rick Perry and businessman Herman Cain are supposed to be the idiots, right?

This is gleefully retransmitted at Fox Nation, and the Foxsters generously add a clip:

Folks, here's White House spokesman Jay Carney laying out Obama's travel schedule, in a press conference on November 9. I'll summarize:

* Friday, November 11: Obama flies from D.C. to San Diego
* Friday night: Obama flies to Hawaii for the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Conference
* Tuesday night, November 15: Obama flies to Australia

I'll let Carney pick it up from there:

...we leave on Tuesday morning for Canberra, Australia. Now, because of the wonders of the world, the flight to Australia takes us forward a day on the clock. So we now move to Wednesday, November 16th, in terms of the schedule here. And this is Australia time.

... After an arrival ceremony with the Governor General, the President will move into his bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Gillard. After the bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Gillard, the two leaders will have a joint press conference....

So Obama makes three time-zone-crossing trips in less than a week, crosses the International Date Line, then, within hours of making that crossing -- after an overnight flight of, presumably, about ten or eleven hours -- he has trouble remembering what time or day it is at his destination.

What a moron, hunh?

Why, there's absolutely no difference between that and Rick Perry not knowing his own position on an issue, or Herman Cain knowing the policy of the U.S. government toward Libya!


: smintheus :: said...

Here's how smaht Monica Crowley is...she once interviewed Donald Rumsfeld on air by parroting back to him the questions he had sent out to her from the Pentagon. (And she's not the only right winger to have taken her instructions from Rumsfeld's propaganda machinery.)

c u n d gulag said...

In all fairness, if you believe that the Earth is flat, it's all the same day and time everywhere.

Monica, please help save the hapless Denver Bronco's - give John Elway his teeth back!

No wonder he's still got Tim Tebow Quarterbacking for him out there!

Poor John can't make himself clearly understood without them, and Timmeh thinks he's speaking to him in tongues, saying 'You run,' not, 'You're done!'

Between Monica and Candy, people with the last name Crowley start any overall IQ competition already well behind the 8-ball.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh come on! Obama's actual (very high) intelligence does not matter! All that matters to the Rightwingers is the propaganda they feed their duped supporters.

Obama is dumb. See liberals think they are so smart but Obama is dumber than George Bush, so remember Obama is dumb and repeat it for the next 35 years.

They still harp on Jimmy Carter and they will on Barack as well.