Saturday, November 05, 2011


Steve Benen reports:

There was a bit of a stir yesterday on some far-right blogs, which claimed that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson called conservatives "jack-booted thugs" in a speech.

That's not what happened.
Trouble is, Jackson didn't level the term at Republicans. Instead, she used it to refer to her own employees, jokingly borrowing language that the EPA's critics have used to describe the agency's workers.

According to video of the event Thursday and a transcript of the speech provided by the EPA, Jackson spent part of her speech debunking earlier inaccurate media reports that claimed the agency intended to "triple its budget and add 230,000 new regulators to cut greenhouse gas emissions from sources like -- be prepared -- backyard grills and cows."
To be sure, this was a popular lie among Republicans for a while, spread by a sloppy Daily Caller report that turned out to be completely wrong....

Hmmm ... the Daily Caller is wrong? Right-wing blogs are wrong? So?

Yes, but, as Steve notes, there's also this:

Fox Nation, predictably, ran an item on its front page with the headline "EPA Chief Calls Republicans 'Jack-Booted Thugs,'" which directed readers to a RedState post.

Yup -- and guess what? That item is still at Fox Nation, and it's still on Fox Nation's front page, with no correction, as I type this.

The Politico story "Lisa Jackson 'Thugs' Misquote Sparks Uproar" was posted at 6:06 last night. RedState, Fox Nation's source, has added a correction to its post.

But more than fifteen hours later, Fox Nation has posted no correction. The Fox Nation thread now links to the blog Weasel Zippers, which also has not posted a correction.

I don't care that Fox Nation is merely an offshoot of Fox News. It's poison fruit from the same tree.

A major step on the road to healing this country would be the widespread recognition that Fox is not a news organization and, beyond First Amendment protection, deserves none of the privileges we accord to real news organizations (seats in the White House press room, interviews with mainstream political figures, etc.). When all decent people have the sense to shun Fox, we'll be a better country.


c u n d gulag said...

Well, this expression already exists:
"Sly like/as a fox."

We need to turn it into "Lie like FOX."

Then, further, take the word "FOX" and make it synonymous with "lie."

'That's a blatant FOX!'
"FOXing like a rug!'
'He/she's FOXing!"

'FOXing under oath' could be a Federal crime.

Or, change bullshit into bullFOX'
'That's BULLFOX!'
'You can't bullFOX me!'
'Who do you think you're bullFOXing?"

Being Conservative means never having to say you're sorry.

Being FOX, means never having to correct any FOX's, half-truths, prevarications, bullFOX, etc...

Sadly, none of this will work.

FOX tells the base what it wants to hear, and disregards the rest. And the fact that it isn't news isn't news. They don't care. 'It's all the propaganda that's fit to spew.' And THAT'S what counts!

Ten Bears said...

It's all part of the Kool-Aid, man, the Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on CNN/Faux News Kool-Aid. You know, the barely literate barefoot rubes blindly following a charismatic "leader" to suicide Kool-Aid.

You don't really think they hire these long legged short skirted bimbos because they're smart, or know what the frack is going on, do you?

No, they hire these bimbos because, as a study done a couple of years ago demonstrates, once every nineteen minutes somewhere in cable "news" land one of these bimbos spreads her legs.

c u n d gulag said...

Ten Bears,
And that's another reason, besides sports, for my needing an HDTV!

Now I know what else the "p" in 1080p stands for, besides 'progressive.'
Rhymes with 'Clenis.'

Procopius said...

"When all decent people have the sense to shun Fox, we'll be a better country." Well, I'm afraid it won't happen while decent people do not shun the likes of Henry Kissinger, Lloyd Blankfein, Richard Fuld, Anthony Mozillo, ...

davemartin7777 said...

Fox Nation links to Weasel Zippers which remains uncorrected as does the Fox Nation story itself.

Btw, Fox Nation just deleted all comments on that same story.

BH said...

I suspect almost all decent people in the US already shun Fox. The problem is, here in the Greatest Bastion of Freedom Ever Known, they're as usual outnumbered by the human vacuums who make up the Fox viewership.