Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So I was reading this excerpt from Elizabeth Vargas's ABC interview, with Sarah Palin, and something jumped out at me:

VARGAS: But, set the record straight. Do you think Senator Obama is as patriotic, as American, as honorable as John McCain?

PALIN: I am sure that Senator Obama, ... cares as much for this country as McCain does. Now, McCain has a strong, solid track record of his ... I think, some manifestations of the opportunities that he's had to prove that patriotism, and that love for country, but no....

Have I missed this all this time? She calls him McCain? Not "John" or "Senator McCain"?

I've heard her refer Barack Obama to "Barack," and she tried to play some kind of head game with Joe Biden at the debate by asking if she could call him Joe, but there's something weirdly rude and disrespectful about this -- it doesn't seem the result of friction so much as the result of a narcissistic failure to process her running mate's very existence. He chose her, but now she's strutting on the stage and it's as if she doesn't see him -- as a partner or as someone to whom she's a subordinate. Instead, he's just some guy, McCain, who enabled her star turn. He's barely relevant to her -- because it's all about her.

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