Thursday, October 30, 2008


Question: who wrote this in today's Orlando Sentinel?

My father made an inflation-adjusted income of about $50,000 per year. He never took a handout, but he worked two jobs. He taught us that if we worked hard and played by the rules, there was no limit to what we could become in America. Now, Obama is changing that compact with America. In Obama's America, there is a ceiling to the American Dream. He decides the level at which our money becomes the government's money.

Answer? Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Hillary Clinton backer and permanently embittered Hillary Clinton supporter.

Some background: Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild was introduced to her husband British banking financier Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild by Henry Kissinger at the Bilderberg conference in '98. Portfolio labeled her "the flashiest hostess in London." She's "mistress" of the Ascott House, the 3,200-acre Rothschild family estate in Buckinghamshire. She's on the board of Estee Lauder. She's friends with Tony and Cherie Blair and other big-moneyed Brits, including the utterly corrupt Conrad Black and his wife, Barbara Amiel. She also owns what has been described as "the most beautiful apartment in New York" ...

To be sure, Rothschild was born into a middle-class family in 1954 -- but please note that at that time the top marginal tax rate in the U.S. was 91%, and it remained at 70% or higher until 1980. This socialist, Marxist, radically redistributive tax policy (overseen for the first six years of Rothschild's life by that known commie, Dwight Eisenhower) did not, somehow, prevent her from matriculating at Pomona College and then Columbia University Law School, nor did it stand in the way of her business success and marriages to three ever-more-wealthy men, the last of whom, her current husband, she wed in 1980, when the top marginal tax rate was 39.6% -- precisely what it would be under Obama's tax proposal.

In other words, the tax rates Obama is proposing would have put no ceiling on her American Dream.

But maybe she'll show up (Lynn the Socialite!) on the McCain-Palin Resentment Tour, wearing a Carhartt tiara.

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