Monday, October 27, 2008


Freeper VaBthang4's gloss on Ted Stevens:

One of the poster children who the lost the Nation to Socialists and has probably enabled the deaths of thousands of civilians in future terrorist attacks that will be successful as a result of the coming lack of real national defense.

See, he didn't do anything wrong except alienate voters, who will now vote for Democrats, which means WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!1!!11!!!

By the way, the notion that Stevens-style corruption + deficit spending + Mark Foley = 100% of the reason the Republican Party is in trouble is utterly conventional wisdom among wingnuts. The war? Katrina? Terri Schiavo? An economic boom that never happened for most ordinary Americans followed by an economic collapse that hit them first? None of that had anything to do with the tarnishing of the GOP brand. It was all illicit gay sex, government spending, and getting caught with hands in the cookie jar.

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