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And nope.


UPDATE: Oh, the last link above (from Rumproast) talks about the National Review-approved Team Sarah (as in Palin) organization. Well, as Kevin notes in the comments over there, one of the Team Sarah-ites has cheerily posted the following photo under the title bestpalinphotoshop:*

Racist? Who, us?

And in response, LoveSarahInCA writes:

OMGZ, that shoeshine pic is HILARIOUS. I've been looking for a slave one -- maybe a shot from Roots, but with McCain's face on the master, and Obama's on the slave getting whipped. Just like it's going to happen in tonight's debate!

Words fail me.

(UPDATE Yeah, DonBoy's right in comments -- this was sarcasm. I'm a dork for not noticing that.)


And just to clarify: Team Sarah is no grassroots organization -- it's "Paid for by the Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund." This group is a very well-connected (as in lots of GOP congressmen's wives) part of the vast-right-wing conspiracy. Here's SourceWatch on co-executive committee chair Barbara Comstock:

In August 2001, John Mintz wrote of Comstock in the Washington Post:

"Since joining the GOP, Comstock has become a kind of one-woman wrecking crew targeting Democratic leaders. As a onetime senior aide to Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) who directed numerous investigations of Clinton-era scandals, and now as head of research for the Republican National Committee, Comstock has perhaps done more than any other GOP operative to skewer Bill Clinton, Al Gore and their congressional allies."

...David Brock, in his memoir,
Blinded by the Right, "described Comstock as almost unhinged in her passion to bring down the Clintons."

Joe Conason wrote November 15, 2005, in
Salon, that "Comstock calmed down enough to serve as director of public affairs in John Ashcroft's Justice Department, to run opposition research for the Republican National Committee and, ultimately, after leaving government, to join the powerhouse lobbying firm of Blank Rome, best known for its huge contributions to the Republican Party, its close association with former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and other Bush appointees, and its lucky clientele of DHS contractors."

You'd think slicksters like this would try policing their Astroturf sites better.


*UPDATE: OK, the photo's gone.

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