Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Remember those lists of predicted questions that appeared before Charlie Gibson interviewed Sarah Palin? The lists with questions like "As you know, Barack Obama’s baby mama has been a controversial figure, making statements on the campaign trail that some have interpreted as the loony blather of a wild-eyed black nationalist. I’d like a one-word answer to this question: Have you always been proud to be an American?" and "Why are you so gosh darn popular?"

Well, Drew Griffin of CNN just finished an interview with Palin -- and the questions were pretty much like that.


You seemed to be very much on your game. You get huge crowds. Even bigger crowds than [Republican presidential candidate Sen.] John McCain. Why is that?


...you are the only person in this race with executive experience, who's taken over governments as mayor and governor. What will you do, day one, to tell the American people, things are changing for the better?


Governor, is Barack Obama a socialist?


Do you think his intention though, if not a socialist, is to move away from capitalism, true capitalism?


...Do you feel trapped in this campaign, that your message is not getting out, and if so who do you blame?


Governor, if in two weeks you're not elected, do you come back at the top of the ticket in 2012?


Griffin got picked, no doubt, because Team McCain admired his NewsBusters-approved, Stanley Kurtz-quoting "expose" on Brarack Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers. Griffin has also, as Steve Benen noted, done GOP-friendly reports on Troopergate and ACORN.

I don't know who the McCain people think they're fooling, but they got what they wanted -- a Fox News interview that wasn't on Fox.

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