Monday, October 20, 2008


A few highlights from Sarah Palin's interview with David Brody of Pat Robertson's CBN.

On God: she says she's being mocked.

Palin: ... I think the saddest part of that is that faith, not just my faith, faith and God in general has been mocked through this campaign.... that was kind of a surprise in the last couple of months that people would misconstrue and spin anything that has to do with my faith or anybody else's and turn it into something to be mocked....

On Katie Couric's question about newspapers: she says if she answered it she'd have been mocked.

Palin: ...I knew that whatever I threw out there, whether it's the USA Today, or New York Times or whatever I said, that's just more fodder for someone to not only mock, but tear apart and presume to at least claim that that is a reflection of my own beliefs, so you know, so I just felt like, let's just move on to the next question.

On cable news channels: she says they'd mock her.

Brody: Let me ask you a little bit about media scrutiny because some of the media networks...wonder why you don't go on some of the 24/7 cable networks. What is your response to that?

Palin: Well sometimes it just doesn't do any good. I mean you set yourself up just to continually be mocked....

This is just the standard-issue post-Nixon right-wing culture of victimization talk. But let me state the obvious.

Is it true that Sarah Palin is mocked? Sure.

So is Barack Obama -- a lot. He's been mocked as a monkey and a shoeshine boy and a terrorist and a face on food stamps and in a thousand other ways. Everybody who's in the arena at this level gets mocked -- McCain and Biden and Hillary and Rudy and Huckabee and Romney and all the rest.

Speaking just about Obama, he's been out there nearly two years, and I'm willing to bet that, if you compiled all his interviews and other public statements throughout that period, you wouldn't find four instances total in which he spoke of himself as being "mocked."

You're in the big leagues, Sarah -- where we know you want to stay. So grow a thicker skin or go home.

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