Friday, October 17, 2008


I see that Sarah Palin will be on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night. I also see that John McCain is still making Joe the Plumber a centerpiece of his stump speeches.

And I couldn't help noticing that Joe the Plumber said yesterday that he can't appear with John McCain in Toledo on Sunday because (according to AP) he's "scheduled to be in New York for TV interviews."


You don't think Joe the Plumber will show up on Saturday Night Live with Palin, do you?

I have a lousy record at predictions, but this wouldn't surprise me.

In any case, everyone who thought Joe would fade into obscurity once inconvenient facts about him came to light is (alas) mistaken. McCain's printing the legend of Joe's dirty-fingernailed nobility. And if Joe's doing interviews in New York over the weekend, so is the media. Still. By rights, the media should be shunning him as the fraud he is.

Until recently, in a situation like this, the legend, promulgated by Republicans and the press in sync, would supplant reality. But maybe we're in a new world. Maybe.

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