Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Politico's Roger Simon tells us today that Sarah Palin is preparing for a 2012 presidential race. That's assuming she and McCain don't win this year -- which would be her doing. In any case, she may still run in 2012 -- and she'll be a formidable challenger, given her widespread issues-based appeal. Experts say so.

Or at least one expert:

...Mueller says Palin has given conservatives "hope" and "something to believe in."

And even if the McCain-Palin ticket does win on Nov. 4 -- and Mueller says it could -- "if McCain decides to serve for just one term, Sarah Palin as the economic populist and traditional American values candidates will be very appealing by the time we get to 2012."

... Mueller thinks Palin would make a strong candidate.

... Mueller thinks that, while some conservative intellectuals have deserted and derided Sarah Palin, the Republican base likes her and could stick with her.

"She would run in 2012 as the populist, conservative reformer that she was originally introduced to the country as," Mueller said. "If Obama wins, you will see him moving the country to a sort of Euro-socialism. That will fail, and she can target an economic-populist message to the country."

Mueller also argues that Palin could run a more convincing campaign on traditional conservative issues in 2012 than McCain has in 2008

"One weakness in McCain’s campaign is not campaigning on strong, pro-life, traditional values issues," Mueller said. "There has been a certain level of discomfort over the years by McCain over guns, God and life issues.”

Mueller says McCain and Palin could still win next week. But if that happens, Mueller thinks Palin should get a lot of the credit. "A lot of conservatives are not excited by John McCain, even though I think he has been saying some good things," Mueller said. "If they vote, they will vote for Sarah." ...

Wow, if an expert says this, maybe it's true!

So who is this expert -- this Mueller person?

Greg Mueller ... was a senior aide in the presidential campaigns of Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes.

Ah, there's a guy who knows a winner when he sees one! Color me convinced!

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