Tuesday, October 21, 2008

(UPDATE: I whiffed on this one. I was tracing this back to the wrong post -- as GeoD notes in comments, the original post lads to a much more detailed photo, and, yeah, the thing looks real there.)



Via TS at Instaputz, I see that Glenn Reynolds, Kathryn Jean Lopez, and a number of other righty bloggers are upset about this bumper sticker:

Conveniently for one of the offended righties, this offers the perfect opportunity to play the Hitler card:

As one historically astute commenter notes, the Nazis had a similar slogan back in the '30's and '40's:

"They are NOT Men and Women, They are Jews."

Dehumanizing your enemies is the first step in rationalizing their murders.

Um, if this bumper sticker is on the car of an evil Godless Nazi liberal, why does it have a Jesus fish on it?

Better Photoshop next time, kids. (Notice that the bumper angles in, but the bumper sticker doesn't?)

I challenge anyone to find this bumper sticker on sale anywhere.

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