Saturday, October 11, 2008

From Barack Ayers al-Obama is a terrorist to Obama is a mad abortionist who wants to eat your babies

Fresh off her abuse-of-power report by a bipartisan and unanimous Alaskan legislative committee, Bible Spice is reaching back into the not-so-long-ago good old days of her race for Wasilla mayor and is waving the bloody shirt of Obama Democrats as baby murderers.

Well. I was recently on a fundie forum where this topic came up, with one of the commenters essentially making this argument, except when I challenged the commenter to identify a murderer in the abortion process (other than "the courts" or the Democrat party), he came up empty. As is well known, while rabid anti-abortioners freely flout fetus pictures and define abortion at any stage as murder, few of their leaders are willing to charge the mother with murder in the event of an abortion, knowing this would be politically unpalatable. As a matter of fact, Bible Spice herself is on record (which to the fact-challenged isn't much of barrier I recognize) as specifically ruling out the prosecution of women for abortion murders. So, we have the inconsistency, the hypocrisy, the rabidness of the anti-abortion movement, and its bloody shirt political devotees, combined with an unwillingness to prosecute anyone, especially the mother, for murder.

Maybe Obama could bring this up if he responds--and I think he should--to the allegations of his wanting to eat anyone's babies.

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