Thursday, May 10, 2012


...preppy Republican presidential candidates?


Monty said...

Pretty tough...for a cheerleader

Steve M. said...

The Washington Post article about Romney reminds us that he was a cheerleader, too:

"He was not a natural athlete, but found his place among the jocks by managing the hockey team and leading megaphone cheers for the football team. "

BH said...

Dammit, you both beat me to it. "OOps" Perry was one of those, too.

Victor said...

What is it with all of these "manly-man" Conservative male feckin' cheerleaders, and them becoming politicians?
And the women who love them?

Back in my day, the mid-70's, my upstate NY HS had some beautiful cheerleaders - but no handsome ones (well, unless you count Sally, which I don't, she was kinda... NTTAWWT!).
The only place I EVER saw male cheerleaders, was at college football games on TV.

Back then, if some male teenager had asked to join the cheerleading squad, someone would have "Romney'd" him.
Not ME - but someone probably would have. Those were less enlightened times. At least in NY state.

So, Conservatives - Whadafucksupwidat?

PS: In retrospect, I wish we DID have them, and I'd been one of 'em.
Instead of memories of hits made and injuries sustained, I'd have ones of holding-up a cute teenage girl and looking up her short skirt - and then catching her tight butt in my hands.

Er... uhm... excuse me - I gotta go now...