Friday, May 18, 2012


I'll be away for the weekend. Others will (I believe) be here in my stead. Please stop by. I'll see you Monday.


Tom Hilton said...

Okay, he's gone now. Anybody know where he hid the liquor? Let's BREAK some shit!

Victor said...

Never mind the booze, in the words of the immortal Sheriff Bart:

"Hey, where da white women at?"

Danp said...

I brought my Barry Manilow collection. Let's crank it up!

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Steve and All,
I thought I would pass on this bit of information to show how ignorant and mislead the Conservative publics is. Well here is some food for thought and I suggest the Ultra Conservative Wing Nuts apply some "Critical Thinking" here.

Mr. Joey Ricketts who touts as a prized possessions of owning the Chicago Cubs, has been building a political operation seeking to curb government spending that could reach a crescendo in August with an unexpected, multimillion dollar attack on President Obama.

The over wealthy 1% Joey Ricketts expects to spend $10 Million on the anti-President Obama advertising, but in the same breath and voice is looking for political and financial “Corporate Welfare” support of tax payer’s money to make renovations to the 98 year old Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field baseball stadium.

Yes, it appears that Little Joey Ricketts has $10 million for attack ads against the President but has no money to renovate his own Chicago Cubs’ baseball stadium and thinks it should be paid for by the Working Middle Class Tax Payers' "Corporate Welfare"……Isn’t American Capitalism GREAT for Little Joey Ricketts?!?!?

Victor said...

Dog bites man.

Here's another one:

Welfare for ailing rich and corporate "persons," and socialized loss underwritten by tax dollars for them, are a-ok!

But, if you were never rich, or a corporate person, you’re on your own!

Single mom, unemployed 50+ year-old, male or female, better find some bootstraps fast, Beeoytches, and start pullin' - 'cause no on can help you - we done broke the government, and we're busted.

And as a Yankee fan and a Liberal, I couldn’t be happier!!!
There’s a word for what it, but I can’t quite remember is. “S-c-h…” somethin, and it doesn’t finish with “…illing.

Oh, it’ll come to me.

Dog bites man, man.
Dog bites man...