Thursday, May 17, 2012


The video report at the link isn't objectionable, but check out the headline for a story about a rich right-wing guy's attempt to bring Jeremiah Wright into the 2012 race:

The right engages in 24/7 back-alley thuggery, then piously declares, over and over and over again, that Team Obama is the real criminal gang in politics, using precisely this term, "Chicago-style politics." And minds at "liberal" NBC News have been so colonized that they just cough up the right-wing meme without thinking.

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Victor said...

If this is Chicago-style, when can I hoping to see a "Valentine's Day Massacre" of the MSM?

I think that's what it'll take.
Kill the old ones.
Bring new ones in, and teach 'em right.
And tell 'em, "See those bodies over there. That's you if you start the same he-said/she-said BS, that they said."

BH said...

This seems a lot more like Dallas-style or Orange-County-Cal-style politics to me: sunbelt white trash arrivistes with lots of ill-gotten money indulging their half-educated paranoid fantasies. H.L. Hunt reincarnated.

Palli said...

Brooks says that "Leaders today do not believe their job is to restrain popular will." But I beg to differ. The public bill wants: 1. campaign finance laws that work;
marijuana legalized; 2. gay marriage and equal spousal rights; 3. freedom from religion and freedom of religion; 4.) effective and just funding for schools, 5.) banking regulations and punishment (economic and personal responsibility) for banking abuse; 6.) reasonable and just health care for all; to name a few demonstrated "wills" of the people. But our leaders are not enacting legislation to provide these.