Friday, May 18, 2012


This is a couple of days old, and I still haven't actually watched the video, but I just spotted, over at Fox News Insider, a preview of Sean Hannity's recent interview with Edward Klein, author of the Obama-bashing book The Amateur, which includes excerpts of an interview with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. I couldn't help noticing this:

Regarding his meeting with Rev. Wright, Klein told Hannity, "It wasn't what I expected to tell you the truth because the guy who I met did not look like the guy on the videotapes ... He was very quiet, very polite, very measured, and talked about his academic credentials, very proud of the fact that he had a Ph.D., and answered all my questions ... there was no sense that this guy could go off the deep end."

Jeremiah Wright is a minister. That means that Jeremiah Wright speaks at the top of his lungs for a living -- just like a lot of white people who are ministers. I sincerely doubt that Edward Klein would expect a shouting, pulpit-thumping white preacher to shout at him in a one-on-one meeting, much less "go off the deep end" -- especially if Klein interviewed the preacher in the year the preacher turned seventy. But, well, you know those black guys -- they're crazy, right?


merlallen said...

and he didn't even ask for any motherfucking iced tea!

Steve M. said...

(Snorts appreciatively.)

Victor said...

Gosh DARN it, as Mitt would exclaim, that's EXACTLY where I was going!

Ok, to change it somewhat - Rev. Wright to assistant:
'M-Fer, I want more fried chicken, grits, collards, and watermelon!'

Conservative are SOOOOOooooo weird, that I want to see THEIR birth certificates - and not just to see what country they were born in, but on what FECKIN' PLANET!?!?!?!?!