Thursday, May 10, 2012

Did He Free the Slaves...or Enslave the Free?

So here's a video of the guy who knocked Dick Lugar out of the Senate comparing the tax burden of the wealthy to 'slavery'.

And quoting Abraham Lincoln to make his point.
'Abraham Lincoln'...that name is really, really familiar. Where do I recognize it from?

Oh, I remember! He was the guy who signed into law the very first progressive income tax. That's where I've heard of him before.

But, y'know, I'm pretty sure he'd agree with Mourdock on just about everything.

(h/t Ed Kilgore)


Steve M. said...

Nice catch.

Tom Hilton said...

Thanks! It's my favorite Lincoln factoid to drag out with wingnuts (the ones who aren't neo-confederates, anyway).

Victor said...

If there was a God, he/she/it would have allowed Lincoln to smote him a mighty smite that would have left this idiot's conscience smitten forever!

Or, preferably, let Ol' Abe unleash a killer MFing lightning bolt.

And we need some rules about Conservative politicians and political advisers quoting Biblical and American historical figure.

Know what the feck you're talkin' about - you can't just make shit up and lie! Like you've been doing forever...

Call this 'Gulag's Rule' (it's like "Godwin's Law") - "You can't mention slavery unless you're actually talking about, you know, real slaves and real slavery."

Last I heard, the Brothers Koch weren't bought at an auction block, and I don't see any whip marks anywhere on them.

And I haven't notices any millionaires and billionaires a-pickin' and a-haulin' cotton in the Southern heat and humidity lately.

Now, maybe it's 'cause I wasn't looking and need to pay more attention - but, somehow or other, I don't think so.

This 'Mordor'ock assclown's a feckin' idjit talkin' to other feckin' idjit's, so, really, what can anyone expect except feckin' idjiocy?

Maybe our MSM will mock 'Mordor'ock, and hold him up to be ridiculed - only, I'm not exactly holding my breath. After all, Al Gore lied about creating the inter-tubes...

Tom Hilton said...

"You can't mention slavery unless you're actually talking about, you know, real slaves and real slavery."

I am definitely on board with that one.

Steve M. said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

You floored me.


I just did not know that.

If I ever read it anywhere it didn't stick.

Good one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that taxation = slavery thing is ancient among libertarians and Randians.

Similar to but less common on the right than the taxation = theft, socialism = theft, redistribution = theft equations.

Coming again to a bumper-sticker near you.