Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You know what I love most about the story recounted in a new loony-right documentary, which purports to tell us how Barack Obama has concealed the identity of his real father? It's this:

"Dreams From My Real Father," a 97-minute film narrated by an Obama impersonator, weaves the narrative that Obama's grandfather wasn't a furniture salesman but an undercover CIA agent who convinced Barack Obama Sr. to marry his teenage daughter to hide the fact that she was impregnated by a 55-year-old communist named Frank Marshall Davis.

So wait -- the makers of this film believe Ann Dunham's father was a CIA agent? And at a time of extreme tension in the Cold War -- 1961 -- she was impregnated by a communist and her CIA agent father arranged her marriage to a guy every wingnut now regards as a Euro-bashing socialist? Hunh? And then later on Frank Marshall Davis was hanging around the Dunham house anyway, imparting his evil communist wisdom to young Barack right under CIA Grampa's nose?

And speaking of noses, that's my second-favorite thing about this film: the desperate attempt to prove the Davis-as-father thesis by comparing facial features that aren't all that similar. Check out the bit starting approximately 17 seconds in, from the Talking Points Memo highlight reel:

Do you see an astonishing resemblance between Davis's features and Obama's? No? Me either. As I've pointed out in the past, I do see a strong resemblance between Obama's features and those of his grandfather:

Related to this discussion of facial features is (at 1:18 in the clip) the bizarre claim that Obama had a nose job just before one of his political campaigns -- which is accompanied by a "before and after" picture in which the noses look exactly alike:

The Davis story has been kicking around since before the '08 election. It won't go away on the right, ever.

I shouldn't be surprised about that CIA detail, though. Anyone the wingers can portray as strange and sinister is inevitably believed to be compatible with anyone else perceived to be strange and sinister. That's why Obama can be regarded as both a communist and a Nazi. That's why he's condemned as a capitalism-hater and also condemned for corporate cronyism. That's why wingers think Soros is both a capitalist sleazebag and a communist agent, an evil Jew and a Jew-haing Nazi collaborationist. That's why some wingers think being pro-gay makes you pro-sharia. Whatever they hate is related to whatever else they hate, in their minds.


Ten Bears said...

As a bastard who never knew his real father... when the cops gun me down I've got no problem with it, as long as I take a few of these white niggers with me.

Any reich-wingers care to step outside, I'm feeling suicidal.

Kaleokualoha said...

Good post! For an analysis of the disinformation campaign against the Obama-Davis relationship, please see

Victor said...

At least when we on the left were accused (rightly, I may add, in my case), of having Bush Derangement Syndrome, we had actual, you know, evidence of REAL shit he'd done:
like steal an election, ignore terrorist warnings, then invaded the wrong nation like a drunk stumbling into the wrong house and banging someone else's Mrs., tortured people, spied on the rest of us, cut taxes for the rich while using a housing bubble hide the fact that after Reagan, the middle class was dying, and all while acting like some strutting asshole - which he was, in fact, on the deck of an aircraft carrier, declaring "Mission Accomplished," when it had hardly begun.

See, righties?
Good reasons:
Stolen elections, terrorist attacks, invasions, wars, endless occupations, torture, spying on citizens, and economic collapses - and all in 8 years!
8 years of disaccomplishment!

Now, THOSE are some good reasons for a derangement syndrome.

Three plus years of 'Boy don't listen and do what I say and want,' is NOT a good reason for a derangement syndrome.
And neither is "This n*gger makes our last white peckerhead of a President look like a simpering chimp.'

Get it together, righties!

Shit, for feck's sake, the FECKIN' LEFT has better reasons for Obama Derangement Syndrome than YOu do!


Anonymous said...


Will you be posting an update/ correction to your one previous entry on Elizabeth Warren's Indian ancestry?

Steve M. said...

If I feel like it.

Roger said...

The nose job was obvious pandering to the Jewish vote.