Monday, May 07, 2012


Voters in France and Greece repudiated the austeritycrats over the weekend. I should be happy, but I'm having trouble ignoring evidence that American voters might be on the verge of taking the country in the opposite direction.

While a lot of us have been assuming that Mitt Romney is coming off as a hopeless, pathetic loser, he appears to be quietly closing the gap with Barack Obama -- he's tied with Obama according to Talking Points Memo's poll of polls, he's beating Obama by 1 in a new Politico/Battleground/George Washington University poll, and he's all but closed the gap with Obama in swing states according to Gallup.

I still see Romney as personally unappealing and the Obama campaign as skilled at targeting key constituencies; that's why Obama is likely to win a close election in November, not because Americans truly understand who's screwing them and how unashamedly Romney would defend the screwers' interests as president. An Obama win is far from inevitable. What the Europeans call austerity is what a lot of Americans regard (or can be persuaded to regard) as freedom, which sure sounds like something that will inevitably lead to prosperity, and that's what Romney is peddling. We never have the debate that's taking place in Europe. Maybe we will after the next time we elect a Republican as president and that Republican goes Scott Walker on us. I'm just sorry it'll take that to start the discussion across the country (i.e., outside lefty blogs and Occupy encampments), if the discussion even starts then.


Victor said...

Yes, the oligarchs and plutocrats, and their selected politicians, here will be telling us:
"You can never know how great prosperity is, until you've experienced humiliating poverty.

And we're going to start that road to prosperity by creating grinding poverty just as soon as the we're sworn in!"

And all the ignorati here will hear, is 'prosperity,' and will cry "Whoopee!!!", and vote, as they've been doing for over 30 years, for their own demise.

Victor said...

Also too:
And France being led being led by a real Socialist now will cause another backlash here, from our reactionary righties.

How long before we return to THIS silliness:
"Freedom Fries" with burgers.
"Patriot doors" from one room to the other.
"Liberty kissing" - but only if you're not gay.
"Founding Fathers onion soup."
Dip your roast beef sandwich in "Independence Dip."
"Minuteman ticklers."

And, for the 2012 election, featuring something new on the menu:
"Obama's Toast," with a heaping helping of sprinkled WHITE confectioners sugar.

BH said...

Ah, but let us not forget Mitty's "mahvelous" French vacations. It's stupid & petty (that is to say, it's typical American politicking), but if the GOPers want to start up the Francophobia again, they have the wrong front-man for that one.

BH said...

Addendum to the above: France also happens to be where Mitty sheltered from the draft during 'Nam - excuse me, I mean where Mitty did his bounden duty for his faith.

M. Bouffant said...

if the discussion even starts then
That is a very big "if." I wonder just what it will take.

BH said...

A further question: if and when the discussion starts, will it end with an FDR this time, or with our very own Fuhrer?

AmPowerBlog said...


The Obama admin just advised Hollande NOT to raise taxes: 'WH to France: Don't end austerity measures'.

In other words, don't do what we're doing. It's a sure loser --- BWAHAHAHAAA!!

You progs can't even get your socialism right. LOLZ!!!

1, 2, 3, ... cue the STUPID C*U*N*D Gulag's brainless reply: Donald is dumb, neener, neener, neener!!!

Don't change! You guys are the lulz!!

Victor said...

I bow to you, DD.

No one does 'brainless... (fill-in the blank) is dumb, neener, neener, neener!!!' like you.

And that may be the only thing you do well.
You are a master.

And who knew one could get a Doctorate in "Neener, neener, neener...?

Steve M. said...

A person's intelligence is inversely proportional to the number of words he or she types in all caps. Just sayin', Donald.

Victor said...

DD's sure a thin-skinned jackanape, ain't he?

And I take great pride in being able to get under it.

The boy thinks he can dish - but he can't play, and he sure as hell can't take it!

I think his insecurity, his neo-conservatism, and his lashing out at anyone who disagrees with him, stem from feelings of inadequacy.

That he feels that being an Associate Professor at some third-rate podunk city college is beneath him.
That a man of his 'towering intellect' should be a Full Professor at Yale, Princeton, or Harvard!

Nothing wrong with city college! If it's in NY.
CCNY produced some of the greatest professors and minds of the 20th Century.
Only Donald, it ain't CCNY you teach at, is it?

And he fancies himself quite a wit!

And I must admit, I agree - and DO think he's a wit.
The only question is what kind?
Or, dim?
Or, most likely, a mixture of all three.

All of that, and that his private parts resemble a quarter of a roll of dimes and two Tic-tac's in a leather nickel bag, I think are the cause of his anger.

Poor, poor, insecure Donald Douglas!

Keep those cards, letters, and comment's a-comin' to me Doc - and I'll be there a-waitin' fer ya!

What a dope! What a MAROON!!!