Friday, May 18, 2012


Tammy Bruce on Twitter:

Click on the link and you learn that she's not only objectively pro-starvation, she's also illiterate:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama on Friday said the United States has a "moral imperative" to lead the fight against hunger and malnutrition in Africa despite shrinking national budgets around the world.

Obama announced $3 billion in private sector pledges to help boost agriculture and food production in Africa. He said the U.S. and other donor nations would continue to make "historic investments" in development, though he offered no new American government pledges....

No money is being "squeezed out of us."

Then again, Bruce has long made it clear that she hates black people -- among other things, she's written that Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King showed a "preference for deceit in the pursuit of power," and she's said of the Obamas, "We;'ve got trash in the White House" -- so maybe that's her problem with aid to Africa.


Victor said...

Last I looked, "private sector pledges" don't involve taxpayer money.

Another gay, self-hating, racist Conservative loon - except this one's a 'she,' and not the more usual 'he.' Outside of that - SSDD.

Erik A. Prince said...

I'd never heard of Ms. Bruce before seeing her name her. Just skimmed her bio on her site and she seems like quite a contradiction, politically speaking. Registered Dem till 2008, yet supported Reagan and both Bush's? Gay, pro-choice and now a conservative. Apparently disillusioned by President Clinton's Lewinsky scandal and the fact that he wasn't abandoned by all his supporters.

Seems like quite a piece of work even before I followed the link to the 2009 post.

BH said...

A "registered Dem" who supported Reagan & both Bushes is either lying about being a Democrat (except, perhaps, on paper) or lying about whom she supported. And if she had previously supported RR & Pa Bush, then exactly what illusions of hers could have gotten shattered by the Lewinsky soap opera? Or had she veered away from Pa Bush in '92? Or... ah, who gives a damn, eh? Just another raisin in the rightwing fruitcake.

Erik A. Prince said...

BH, it's that ability that so many conservatives are masters of, where they selectively forget all the crazy and sometimes even illegal stuff their political heroes did. Strange how they have all forgotten Iran-Contra and all the big conservative heroes that masterminded a blatantly illegal action.

The Lewinsky thing is a great example of the strange priorities some people have. Sure I thought it was improper for Clinton to do what he did, even if he wasn't married, and he was an idiot for lying about it. But having said all that, I'm way more upset about his signing the repeal of Glass-Steagall than of lying about a consensual sexual escapade. Yet I've known or met a number of conservatives who get red faced in anger at the Lewinsky affair as if it was the most important thing in Clinton's Presidency. They seem to lack a sense of perspective, IMHO.

Roger said...

Tammy could stand to lose a few pounds.