Sunday, May 06, 2012


I imagine I avoided a lot of stupid last week while I was taking a break from blogging, but I see I'm already making up for lost stupid time: President Obama officially kicked off his reelection bid yesterday in Ohio, and right-wingers are informing me that OMIGOD THE HALL WAS ONLY 76.5% FULL HAR HAR HAR OBAMA HAS EMPTY STADIUM!!!1! Yes, "empty" is now a synonym on the right for "76.5% full": The Washington Post tells me that the attendance at the rally in question was 14,000 at a stadium that holds 18,300, which at results in the headline "Obama Launches Campaign in Empty Arena." This makes me think back to dinner last night: I guess those glasses of wine we were drinking were actually empty, because they weren't filled to the rim (I'm not even sure they were 76.5% filled); perhaps a Breitbartnik can explain to me why there's so little left in the bottle this morning when we were drinking only air.

But a reelection campaign is surely doomed to failure when it can attract only 14,000 for its kickoff rally, right? We can demonstrate this by looking at the 2004 Bush reelection bid, which drew 12,000 people to its kickoff rally in Orlando on March 20, 2004.

Oh, and that Bush reelection kickoff rally in '04 gave us this:

12-year-old Tyler Crotty appeared to be the boredest kid in the world during a 20 March 2004 George W. Bush speech at the Orange County Convention Center in Florida. While Bush spoke at length (42 minutes) Tyler yawned, stretched, looked at his watch, and almost fell asleep on his feet. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a big deal, except that Tyler happened to be onstage, 10 feet from the President at the time. Tyler's fidgety antics quickly appeared on all the news shows and made him an overnight celebrity. Two weeks later, he appeared as a guest on David Letterman's show.

Clearly Bush was doomed to failure, and that's why John Kerry resoundingly defeated him in November 2004.


AmPowerBlog said...

Well, perhaps you should go back on vacation.

"We can demonstrate this by looking at the 2004 Bush reelection bid, which drew 12,000 people to its kickoff rally in Orlando on March 20, 2004."

I suspect you're forgetting that Obama in 2008 was being touted as a "lightworker." He was filling stadiums and his campaign events doubled as rock concerts. Conservatives are now pointing at "The One" and laughing --- and by coincidence, laughing at prog enablers like you that elevated an inexperienced Chicago community organizer to the Democrat nomination --- who now can't even fill up a university auditorium.

YOUR SIDE boasts hacks, tools, and idiots.

Tom Hilton said...

BREAKING: in a sign of increasing desperation, the Romney campaign sends Donald Douglas to comment on liberal blogs...

Also, too? The photo they're touting at Zombie Breitbart's place? It was taken before the event started.

"Hacks, tools, and idiots"? Meet Zombie Breitbart.

Roger said...

In other news, Breitbart's blood alcohol content was "empty" when he died.

Roger said...
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Roger said...

Donald Douglas? Co-star of the 60s CBS sitcom, the Beverly Hillbillies? He's still alive?

Roger said...

Compare and contrast:

Steve M. said...

Ah, Donald, Donald, Donald ... I set up a perfectly valid criterion for comparison -- self-declared reelection kickoff rally vs. self-declared reelection kickoff rally -- and you say, "You didn't pick a comparison that puts your own side in a bad light! That makes you a stupid dumb poopyhead! Ha ha! My side wins!"

Can't tell you how much I missed this sort of thing. Not.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Steve,
I guess if you put this comment in Mitt Romney, and the Ultra Conservative Wing Nut's "New Speak," I guess if you had $76.5 Million it would mean you are broke.

Bottom line Steve, don’t try to put any logic application to the Goofy Right’s Political Faith as what they want reality to be. The two just do not fit together. The other bit is don’t look for arguments were there are none as it only feeds into their insanity diet and you become nothing more than an enabler to their "Political Drug Habit." That’s Sarah Palin’s job.

That being said, if it amuses you, by all means dangle them like the puppets on a string that they really are. Have Fun!

Victor said...

Donald Douglas,
I was just talking about you on Friday.
I was over-ruled.
I said you were the dumbest motherfecker on the intertubes, but was assured that Jim Hoft was dumber still.
Thanks for giving my position some more credibility today, Dumbass Douglas.

Btw - find Sasquatch near "The Wailing Wall" yet?
Feckin Idjit!

Victor said...

Oh, just in case Dumbass Douglas returns and wonders who "Victor" is - it's me, your old pal, "c u n d gulag."

My money's STILL on you for the dumbest motherfecker on the intertubes!
But I gotta admit - there's some pretty stiff competition!

BH said...

Hey, Victor - I was pretty sure you & c u n d were the same fella. Our music posts re Nugent were the final tipoff.

So you & Donnie the Duck go back a ways? My condolences. He quacketh mightily yet bringeth forth naught.

Victor said...

Yeah, that's me.
And Donnie the Duck and I go back at least few years ago - to the comments sections here, and at "mahablog" and L,G&M.".

Btw - he also brings forth duck and word turds.

Let his epitaph read:
"Sasquatch Israel!"
This will make future generations wonder "WTF?", and "google" him, or whatever they'll have then, and find this great "Sadly, No!" post:

Now Hoft may beat Douglas in the sheer quantity of idiotic things written - but Douglass, with that post, has the "No-hope Diamond" of pure, crystalline idiocy.
I don't think I'll live long enough to see its likes again.

But then, Donald may top himself any day!

B said...

For what it's worth (zero in the national media, but plenty here in Columbus), Saturday was a jam-packed day in Ohio's capital -- especially around OSU, which was the site of the president's speech. We had a half-marathon that morning, which severely strained traffic all over town, and several other events at the university. I know many people who would have liked to attend the rally, but who didn't want to deal with the traffic jams caused by the race.
So it's true that we couldn't come up with 18,000 rabid, die-hard Obama fans -- but given the logistical obstacles (which Fox News will never tell you about), we did pretty well.