Saturday, May 26, 2012


After 37 years in the Senate, [Pat] Leahy probably no longer knows when he sounds insufferably patronizing....

--George Will in The Washington Post


Victor said...

Nice title!

When you look up the words, "smug" and "asshole," this insufferable toupee's turd's picture ought to be there, and no further definition will needed.

Ya gotta admire the man's 'chooooootspah' though, for a man who rivals Kristol in the "always wrong" category, no matter now many times he's categorically proven wrong, he still thinks he's right.

And I love when Krugman's on opposite this talking toupee'd turd on ABC's Sunday gabfest.
I think ABC installed a seat belt for Will, and he was told to stop wearing a bow-tie, because every time he tries to make a point, you can see the twinkle in Krugman's eye, and a smile form on his face, and Will knows he's about to be made to look like a fool - AGAIN!

And I think a few times, when Krugman called him on his BS, Will's bow-tie started to spin almost as fast as George - which means he could have lifted off, and been in the flight zone for his hero Reagan's airport. And that's why ABC tethered him to the seat, and told him to wear a regular tie - FAA rules.

When Pat Leahy takes his morning dump, what's in the bowl is smarter than what's in Will's head - by a long shot.

Will's just another example of the benefit's given to Conservatives through Wingnut Welfare.
Short of coming in with a syringe in his bicep, a bottle of JD in one hand, and a dead, raped, child in another, he's always get to write his insipid and always wrong column. And, once they've taken out the syringe, drained the JD, and thrown the child in the dumpster out back and cleaned him up a little, he can go and flap his gums on national TV as 'the thinking man's Conservative.'

Victor said...

FSM - I'm regaining my 'will' to live - it's a Will-less Sunday morning on ABC!

He probably read one of his own columns, and put himself to back to sleep, when he should have...

Oh, FECK!!!
HE IS ON!!!!!!!!
He just actually kept his feckin' trap shut for over 2 minutes, a personal record, so I thought he took the day off!

On the plus side, Cokie feckin' Roberts isn't on.

Still, keep sharp objects away from me.

Back to MSNBC for me.

Victor said...


Switched from MSNBC to Dancin' Dave's Conservative knob-licking and ball-polishing show, and there's David feckin' Brooks!

And the feckin' twit made a sports analogy!
That boy jess' don' learn.

I hope Charles Pierce was watching, he loves to take down Brooks on sports analogies, and this one, where he compared both campaigns to the N.O. Saints was a classic, so Mr. Pierce can spend a couple o' thousand words on bashing this insipid scribe.

He say's that closer to the election, both campaigns are going to start giving bounties.
OK - wtf does that mean?
Don't ask.
He wouldn't say.
I don't think he knows.
But he obviously thinks it made him sound hip.

Oh yeah, and Carly Fiorina, with a new 'doo, was sitting to Brooks' left.
What, Dancin' Dave, Meg Whitman didn't have enough cash left for cab fare, or was she on the wrong coast this morning clipping coupons?

At that point, before I could hear Fiorina's response to Brooks inane non-point, I switched back to MSNBC, where I'll stay for a while.

Why do I do this to myself?
That's why.
There's no other excuse.

Dark Avenger said...

Having Carly Fiorina on to talk about politics is like having Jack the Ripper on as your medical consultant.