Friday, May 04, 2012

Shocking Evidence of Hidden Agendas!

Jim Hoft, who couldn't pass a Turing test with 6 months of Kaplan and a 50 point bonus, is reporting breathlessly that the Obama campaign kickoff is Karl Marx's birthday.

This is important, groundbreaking journalism here, and it should be pursued wherever it leads. So when we learn that the Republican National Convention begins on August 27 this year, it raises the all-important question: why did they choose that date? What exactly is it they're celebrating?

Is it the birth of the guy who laid the groundwork for Marx? A military victory for America's enemies? The horrible deaths of 36,000 people in a natural disaster? The Visigoths finishing the job of doing to Rome what the GOP want to do to America?

Or is it all of the above?

Is it irresponsible to speculate? It would be irresponsible not to.

Update: As commenter BH notes, it also happens to be Lyndon Baines Johnson Day, so obviously they're celebrating the Great Society. Doesn't that just warm ol' Karl Marx's heart?


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Let the nihilistic propaganda rhetoric begin! Tis the Season and the Nut Jobs are in Full Bloom!!

BH said...

Nope, 08/27 is LBJ's birthday. That must be it. Mitty's Salute to the Great Society!

Tom Hilton said...

Damn, I meant to include that but I left it out.

Yellow Dog said...

First laugh of the day. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Jim Hoft. "Dimmest Blogger On the Internet."

This is the guy who mistook closed-captioning on a presidential speech for ordering "[Applause}" from the audience.

Victor said...

I'm shocked!

I frankly didn't think that Hoft knew the difference between Karl and Groucho.

As for "The Dumbest MFer on the Intertubes," I'll still take DOCTOR Donald Douglas - he of "Sasquatch Israel" fame.

It takes a mighty dumb man to stick a Bigfoot in his mouth!

Steve M. said...

Nice work, Tom.

And BTW, I think Hoft is dumber than Douglas. In fact, I think Hoft is dumber than dirt.