Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Wow, how did this just so happen to slip out -- a trashing of Sarah Palin by a collection of talking heads during a commercial break on Fox, all captured on a hot mike and YouTubed for your convenience?

Let's see ... I trace this back from Rumproast to Palin cultist Robert Stacy McCain at his own blog and The American Spectator, and from there I see that it was uploaded to YouTube by the anti-Palin blog PalinGates ... but the original, non-YouTube version of the commercial-break video was actually posted by Fox. Rupe 'n' Roger want you to see this!

Highlights of the off-camera discussion:

LIZ TROTTA: "Alessandra Stanley [of the New York Times] had the best line [in her Nov. 11 review]. She said the new [Palin TLC] show was like 'The Sound of Music' without the Nazis, without the romance and without the music."
JUDITH MILLER (laughing): "Oh, the
Washington Post hated it, too ... [Post TV critic Hank Steuver] said [Palin has] the kind of sound of a voice when warning you to heed the bears -- it would actually scare the bears.... He said you just get the sense that all she's waiting for when she's looking at this great outdoors is to get back to her SUV for enough bars to send out her latest twitter about the beauty of the environment."

The subsequent on-camera discussion wasn't particularly flattering, either:

... TROTTA: And the numbers keep going down every time she makes appearance, her popularity numbers. You have to keep track of those. The more you see her, the less you like her. And overexposure is something the Democrats have to pray for.
[HOST JON] SCOTT: So you think that --
TROTTA: Plus the fact that they can bank on the timidity of most men, who are so absolutely spooked by feminism that they're afraid to criticize her.
[ELLIS] HENICAN: Give her something on the Cartoon Network.

How convenient -- Barack Obama seems to be beatable in 2012 by just about any Republican other than Palin, Karl Rove and other members of the GOP establishment are saying nasty things about her for precisely that reason, she's done what the GOP muckamucks needed her to do to rally teabag voters for the midterms and against Obama in general ... and now Fox airs/uploads this.

(Though, oh-so-conveniently, the roundtable featured none of the channel's superstars -- everyone on the clip is, as far as Fox is concerned, expendable.)

The GOP establishment fears her.

It's enough to make me want to send her a campaign contribution, while sparing myself a few bucks for some popcorn.

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