Thursday, November 18, 2010



'Mission Accomplished' banner could go up in Bush library

As former president George W. Bush broke ground Tuesday in Dallas for his presidential library, officials weighed whether or not to display one item that few know is being held in storage there: the "Mission Accomplished" banner....

The banner now sits in storage and will become part of the library's collection. A decision on how or whether to display the red-white-and-blue banner hasn't been made, said Alan Lowe, director of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum....

To give Bush his due, he's said on several occasions that he believes the banner was a mistake. But do you know what's going to happen if he does put the banner up? I predict that quite a few visitors -- many of them wearing Palin buttons and Gadsden flag T-shirts -- are going to have themselves photographed in front of the banner giving thumbs-up signs and other indications of "Hell yeah!" Just you wait -- that banner's going to be a rallying point for Real Americans.

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