Thursday, November 04, 2010


Sarah Palin just gets fringier -- and below I'll provide some background on the very fringy character at the center of this story:

Sarah Palin has used her Twitter account for a variety of things, including endorsements of key candidates during the 2010 midterm elections. But, and stay with us here, Palin's account features a retweet of an Ann Coulter tweet that links to this image:

Coulter's tweet, which is listed among Palin's "favorites," introduces the photo with the phrase, "MY NEW CHURCH!" The photo is of "The Blood of Jesus ATLAH World Missionary Church," and the text on the sign reads, "The blood of Jesus against Obama History made 4 Nov 2008 a Taliban Muslim illegally elected president USA: Hussein." The New York City-based church is led by James David Manning....

(Palin has since insisted to ABC News that she had nothing to do with favoriting this tweet.)

Now, about the church in question: it's a Harlem-based house of worship where the pastor is one Reverend James Manning, whose comments about Barack Obama include the following:

"His African-in-heat father went a-whoring after a trashy white woman."

"[Obama] was born trash."

"He got started -- you didn't notice him 'til he brought out those big-chested white women with their tight T-shirts and their short pants."

"That's what a pimp does. He's a mack daddy. He pimps white women and black women. Obama is a long-legged mack daddy."

If you want to watch the "sermon" in which he said these things, go here (embedding is disabled).Otherwise, here's a Manning highlight reel. No need to watch the whole thing; you'll get the gist from the first few moments:

(YouTube has more, though he's had a number of videos pulled down over there.)

Manning, a sometime Alex Jones guest and an especial favorite of the Freepers, calls Obama the Antichrist; he has argued that Obama never attended Columbia University and that he was a CIA operative when he seemed to be attending Columbia University, and he's announced a plan to conduct trial to demonstrate this; he thinks Obama is "a homosexual drug user forever." He also says he is willing to die to expose the (literal) deviltry of Obama.

So, nice one, Sarah, or whoever you hired to do your tweeting. (Manning, by the way, is a Palin fan.)

Here's an image of the Palin Favorites page with the Coulter tweet favorited, as cached by Yahoo (Palin's since cleared her Favorites page):

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