Tuesday, November 09, 2010


(As has the incoming congressman himself -- see the update below.)

Dave Weigel:

A budding star of the GOP's freshman House class has picked, as his chief of staff, a local conservative radio host who... well, who talks like a local conservative radio host.
She said at a rally, with West standing by, "Calling illegal immigrants 'undocumented workers' is like calling a drug dealer a pharmacist without a license." She was furious that children of illegal immigrants were educated in public schools and received health care at emergency rooms. "There are people who want to change your way of life, and some of them may be your gardeners," she said.

Her anger is not limited to illegal immigrants. "There’s no way I’m going to live in a country that’s been radically Muslim-ized ... and I'm not afraid to say it," she said at a protest in Jupiter. She also said at the protest that the United States was "this close" to moving towards "fascistic and tyrannical rule...."

I've told you about Allen West, a verbal bomb-thrower who was forced out of the military during the first Gulf War after psychologically abusing a captured prisoner, and who is now a Palin- and tea party-endorsed incoming GOP freshman in the House. Media Matters has also collected facts about West and choice quotes. West's new chief of staff is a Florida radio talker named Joyce Kaufman. Think Progress has some disturbing quotes from her, but here's something TP missed: a speech she gave at a rally earlier this year that's been posted under the title "The Ballot Box or the Cartridge Box."

... I don't care how this gets painted by the mainstream media, I don't care if this shows up on YouTube, because I am convinced that the most important thing the Founding Fathers did to ensure me my First Amendment rights was they gave me a Second Amendment.

And if ballots don't work, bullets will.

I've never in my life thought that the day would come where I would tell individual citizens that you are responsible for being the militia that the Founding Fathers designed. They were very specific. You need to be prepared to fight tyranny, whether it comes from outside or whether it comes from inside. And we are at a moment in history where I have a president who has declared to the entire world that he cannot secure my borders, that he cannot get rid of people who don't belong in this country, which means he cannot do his job -- and when you cannot do your job, you gotta go home....

You've got to do it now. This is the standoff. When I say I'll put my microphone down on November 2 if we haven't achieved substantial victories, I mean it, because at that point I'm going to go off into the hills of Kentucky, I'm going to go out into the Midwest, I'm going to go up in the Vermont and New Hampshire outreaches, and I'm going to gather together men and women who understand that some things are worth fighting for and some things are worth dying for....

Ladies and gentlemen, the new chief of staff for an incoming congressman.

Weep for your country.


AND: Right Wing Watch has a lot more on West -- and I should have noted that Kaufman and West really are two of a kind:

... West, an Army veteran, became a YouTube sensation by criticizing "this tyrannical government" and crying out: "if you're here to stand up to get your musket, to fix your bayonet, and to charge into the ranks, you are my brother and sister in this fight."

...West encouraged his supporters to use violence in suppressing the votes of opponents, saying, "You've got to make the fellow scared to come out of his house." ...

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