Saturday, November 06, 2010


Come on, folks -- can't we figure out a way to make this an agenda item in state capitals all over the country, which I think would be the easiest way possible to discredit teabaggers (and Republicans in general) in the eyes of swing voters?

Freshly reelected Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) just isn't ready to give up on the secession talk that made him a topic of conversation last year. Taking a national victory lap after his election to an unprecedented third term this week, Perry is out talking up his new plan to break up the union, kind of: It's time, he says, to let states opt out of Social Security.

... "When you look at social security, it's broke," Perry told the hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe [yesterday] morning. "My kids, 27 and 24, they know this is a Ponzi scheme." ...

Perry says seceding from Social Security is just one of many ways the system could get fixed....

We should start groups with names like Secede from Socialism. We should festoon these groups' Web sites with Gadsden flags and links to tea party groups. We should hold demonstrations demanding secession from Social Security -- demonstrations in which we wear tricorn hats and eighteenth-century garb, and which always begin with the Pledge of Allegiance (don't forget the "under God"!).

We should liaise with real tea party groups, and lobby far-right state legislators (wearing the tricorn hats and knee breeches!) until some of them actually introduce bills to do this. We should get this to the point where real teabaggers do all the work because they think it's such a wonderful, constitutional idea.

At that point, I want to grab some popcorn and watch the reaction of all those people -- especially older people -- who aren't teabaggers but who think the teabaggers are fine, virtuous, admirable patriots. I want to watch them freak the hell out.

Really now -- why can't we do this?

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