Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So first we get a Howard Fineman story at the Huffington Post speculating on the possibility of a Joe Scarborough/Mike Bloomberg independent presidential run in 2012. Then we get a story from, er, Bloomberg News saying that Mike Bloomberg doesn't believe an independent candidate can be elected president (because a split vote will throw the race into a Republican House of Representatives).

So ... um ... does that mean Bloomberg wants to run Scarborough (or run with Scarborough) in the Republican primaries?

I'm guessing that Bloomberg doesn't want to try to run another rumored surrogate, Evan Bayh, in Democratic primaries against Obama -- I assume he recognizes that that would be a suicide mission. But does he think Scarborough could be the moderate who collects enough non-crazy GOP primary votes to win while crazies split the crazy vote? That would sound like a plan -- if Mitt Romney didn't exist. But Romney does exist. So what on earth is Bloomie thinking? I can't think of any other explanation for these back-to-back media trial balloons.

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