Tuesday, November 30, 2010

(updated with even more stupid)

I laughed last night when Rumproast's Kevin K. linked to a post by PUMA blogger turned Palin cultist Kevin DuJan (leader, most recently, of the Bristol Palin ballot-box-stuffing campaign for Dancing with the Stars) in which DuJan argued that TSA backscatter machines in airports are a conspiracy to sterilize straight white conservatives:

One of my friends is a pharma rep with two sons.

He and his wife are trying for a daughter.

John flies twice a week for work.

He is convinced the TSA is going to sterilize him…and all the other white, successful, straight guys who make up 80% of flyers.

John thinks this is the point of what the Left is up to…to sterilize men who would most likely oppose them, and Islam, so that a generation from now the Left will have fewer people like John to resist them....

Ah, but that's just the rant of an absurd, self-promoting (and, bizarrely enough, openly gay) blogger, right? We can at least count on the fact that no person with any actual responsibility for public policy could believe anything so absurd ... right?


A conservative Loudoun County lawmaker says controversial airport pat-downs by the Transportation Security Administration are part of a "wide-scale homosexual agenda."

Eugene Delgaudio, a Republican representing Sterling on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, made the comments in a widely distributed e-mail sent in his capacity as president of the conservative nonprofit Public Advocate of the United States.

In the e-mail ... Delgaudio also says the TSA's non-discrimination hiring policy is "the federal employee's version of the Gay Bill of Special rights."

"That means the next TSA official that gives you an enhanced pat-down could be a practicing homosexual secretly getting pleasure from your submission," he wrote....

Delgaudio has been posturing like this for a long time:

In a petition urging opposition to The Student Non-Discrimination Act introduced in Congress by Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado, Delgaudio said the bill would turn America's "playgrounds into homosexual breeding grounds."

In a fundraising and survey appeal, Delgaudio also reportedly said the homosexual agenda in Congress promotes same-sex marriages and adoptions, which will lead to "men hand-in-hand skipping down to adoption centers to 'pick out' a little boy for themselves."...

And there's more at Wikipedia:

He has staged numerous protests outside the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Capitol including a "Perverts for Cellucci" rally opposing the nomination of Paul Celucci as ambassador to Canada [and] a man-donkey wedding to support the Federal Marriage Amendment....

Mr. Delgaudio recently issued a fundraising letter in which he reported the following:

One stormy night I drove to a mailshop hidden deep in a nearly deserted stand of warehouses. I'd heard something was up and wanted to see for myself. As I rounded the final turn my eyes nearly popped. Tractor-trailers pulled up to loading docks, cars and vans everywhere and long-haired, earring-pierced men scurrying around running forklifts, inserters and huge printing presses. Trembling with worry I went inside. It was worse than I ever imagined. Row after row of boxes bulging with pro-homosexual petitions lined the walls, stacked to the ceiling. My mind reeled as I realized hundreds, maybe thousands, more boxes were already loaded on the tractor-trailers. And still more petitions were flying off the press. Suddenly a dark-haired man screeched, "Delgaudio what are you doing here?" Dozens of men began moving toward me. I'd been recognized. As I retreated to my car, the man chortled, "This time Delgaudio we can't lose." Driving away, my eyes filled with tears as I realized he might be right. This time the Radical Homosexuals could win.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you one of America's fine elected officials. Still believe this country is ready for democracy?

(Via Fox Nation.)


MORE: I almost missed this story about a former government official who's an ideological soul mate of Delgaudio:

Joe Rehyansky, a former official at the Chattanooga, Tennessee, District Attorney's office, recently penned an op-ed opposed to allowing gays in the military, in which he argued that lesbians should be allowed to serve in the armed forces, in part because it would give straight male soldiers a chance to "convert" them.

The statement, which initially appeared at the Daily Caller but has since been removed, served as the apogee to an entirely controversial piece of writing, most of which still remains in the post.

Here's the original ending, now replaced:

My solution would get the distaff part of our homosexual population off our collective "Broke Back," thus giving straight male GIs a fair shot at converting lesbians and bringing them into the mainstream.

(Surely we ought to be aggressive to gays in this way because God knows what they'll do to us if given half a chance!)

And then (via Norwegianity) there's this guy, who's never been in the government but has ties to elected official in Minnesota (and I'm sure you can guess which ones):

Bradlee Dean of the religious ministry You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International believes Rep. Keith Ellison's support for LGBT rights is part of his strategy to bring Sharia law to the United States. On his radio show Saturday, Dean said that members of the LGBT community are fools for supporting Ellison and that he is "adamant about overthrowing the United States Constitution."

... "I said time and time again that there is a correlation between the Muslims and the homosexual agenda, and we have a couple of fools in the state of Minnesota that are putting a rope around their neck and they just don't realize it," said Dean....

"Why is he so adamant about overthrowing the Constitution as it is right now... because if you pay attention to the plow he’s planting the seed," Dean said. “He’s trying to come through with Sharee [sic] law."

... He continued, "Hello? Why is he after it? Because he wants to bring in Sharee [sic] law through the homosexual agenda!"

“They are using the homosexuals as a political battering ram to bring forth what? Sharee [sic] law.”

LGBT leaders in the United States are “ignorant,” Dean said, for allowing Ellison to serve as co-chair of the House LGBT Caucus.

“What is Keith up to? I think we have to ask the question, Keith,” said Dean. “I’m just asking the gay communities what’s up with Keith Ellison because they are so foolish, blind and stupid not to figure out that their vice chair is a Muslim. This is no hidden secret, folks. This is in America. Who is this guy working for?” ...

If you can follow this, you're smarter than I am. Maybe these folks can:

Dean and his ministry have c*lose ties to the Republican Party and GOP elected officials and candidates including gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former Secretary of State and current state Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, and state Rep. Dan Severson. Rep. Michele Bachmann has fundraised for the group extensively in recent years as well.

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