Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ginning up fear of a scary, sexualized Negro? Who, us?

Fox Nation picks up the headline (though not the photo) straight from The Washington Times. Yes, the photo isn't particularly sexualized, and the WashTimes editorial is the usual boilerplate about screening only swarthy Moo-slimes while letting poor, suffering blue-eyed pink-cheeked Amurricans go unmolested. But the headline is toxic.

Look, I know anger at this isn't confined to right-wingers. I haven't flown since this started, so I haven't experienced it firsthand, and maybe I wouldn't be one of the 81% of Americans who are willing to go along with at least the full scans. But the narrative of this is rapidly becoming "Obama and his gang of fascist PC liberals versus common decency," so if you want to criticize what's going on, you might want to try to figure out a way to do so without joining in the wingnut pile-on.

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