Saturday, November 20, 2010


Not much going on right now, so let me just say I don't feel this never-aired Sharron Angle ad is as snicker-worthy as Jim Newell (writing for Gawker and Talking Points Memo) thinks it is:

Crappy production values? Every TV market in America has late-evening and late-night ads that run for years -- for thriving businesses -- that are as bad as this or far worse. (Ad-muting and compulsive channel-surfing are the rule in my household, but when I go to Boston to visit my octogenarian mom, who hasn't adopted these practices, I wind up exposed to repeated viewings of godawful ads for successful merchants such as Bernie & Phyl's.)

Angle was probably right not to air the ad, after her primary victory, for one reason only: she probably needed to put up something slick to help persuade the muckamucks who run and finance her party that she should be taken seriously. But the voters? I'm not sure the ones she was targeting would even have noticed how badly made the ad is.

In fact, I think this ad could have gone viral in the national wingnuttosphere -- or if it didn't, the only reason would have been that it didn't end with Angle herself arriving with a shotgun in hand and saying of Harry Reid,. "Let's go git 'im!"

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