Friday, April 27, 2007


I just want to be sure you saw Steve Benen's post about the amazing question Brian Williams asked Joe Biden in last night's debate:

WILLIAMS: Senator Biden, a question for you. A friend of mine who's in the leadership of the Democratic party says that if the party goes down a third straight time, what will happen is what he defines as "modern day extinction" of the Democratic party. Putting yourself aside, perhaps, is there a winner on this stage tonight, and does your party have what it takes to reverse this trend and win the White House?

"Trend"? Excuse me -- the Democrats just won back both houses of Congress, are likely to retain congressional control in 2008, are far ahead of the Republicans in party identification in public-opinion polls, and won the popular vote in three of the past four presidential elections -- what "trend" points to "extinction"?

Yes, some Democratic doomsayer (or Democrat-hating Democrat) fed Williams the line, or so Williams says. But that doesn't compel him to find it at all plausible. Yet he does -- and so, almost certainly, do most Beltway journalists.

And they're going to do everything in their power between now and Election Day '08 to make reality conform to their worldview.

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